Resolve QuickBooks license error after clone

Complete Solutions for QuickBooks License Error After Clone

The user experiences “QuickBooks License Error After Clone” when cloning his/her hard drive to a new computer. There’s no question that the QB software is already present on the duplicated hard drive. Consequently, the error will occur. 

Our discussion here will focus on a problem associated with the post-cloning process that QuickBooks encounters. Detailed troubleshooting methods and preventive tips are also included in this post to avoid the “QuickBooks License error after clone”. Just spare us your few minutes and we will help you with everything under our control. Let us dive into our alpha subject of the day “QuickBooks License Error after Clone.”

QuickBooks License Error: Reasons & Causes

For QuickBooks to verify the installation, it requires license numbers and product codes. Additionally, the license file contains encrypted details about the product. Damaged or corrupted license files (Qbregistration.dat) are the main cause of QuickBooks license errors. The other causes and reasons for the existence of this license error are here below.

  • The system is incompatible with Windows.
  • The QuickBooks file was not saved before you imported it.
  • Quickbooks is out of date.  
  • QuickBooks is blocked by antivirus software.
  • Quickbooks License Error after Clone may also be caused by damaged Windows MSXML.

Steps to Follow Before Resolving QB Licence Error After Clone

  • Check your product key to ensure you can contact Support.
  • Back up company files before transferring QuickBooks from one system to another. 
  • Run Quickbooks File Doctor within the QuickBooks Tool Hub to scan and repair the files.
  • Keep your computers updated with the latest QuickBooks edition.

QBs License Error After Clone: 4 Easy Methods

Users face a lot of difficulties due to this error, as they can’t complete their important tasks on time. Fortunately, there are solutions to all errors. In the following, we will explain how to resolve Quickbooks License Error After Clone by using some of the most effective solutions.

Method 1: Delete the Entitlement File 

To fix the license error, the first method will always be to remove the entitlement file. For this, read the steps below.  

  •   Shut down QuickBooks first.
  •   Stop all QB background processes  
    • Press the Shift + Ctrl + Del keys.
    • The “Task Manager” will appear.   
    • Click on “Processes”.
    • Find “QuickBooks Processes”.   
    • It’s best to remove each individual process one by one if it’s running.  
    • Tap on “End Task” to end the selected process.
  • Go to your system’s entitlement folder.
    • First, open the “Run” window. 
    • Type in the path-C : \ Program \ Intuit \ EntitlementClient \ v8   
    • Press the “Enter” key.
    • Select the appropriate “ECML” file.
    • To delete the file, right-click on it.
    • Access QuickBooks as well as your company file.
    • Lastly, register the application.

Method 2: Register the QBs License Again

After registering the QuickBooks License again, you will easily troubleshoot the Quickbooks license error. Read the steps below. 

  • Shut down QuickBooks.
  • Close each QuickBooks-related process. Here are the steps:
    • Launch the “Task Manager”.
    • You can see the Exe process under the “Processes” tab.   
    • To end the task, select the process and tap “End Task”.   
  • Within the system, locate the entitlement folder.  
  • Select “Delete” from the right-click menu.
  • A confirmation box will appear. Click on “Yes”.
  • Register the company file when you open it.

Method 3: Install the Latest Windows Updates

In the previous section, we discussed how QuickBooks license errors are caused by a corrupted Microsoft MSXML component and outdated operating systems. Windows updates keep you up-to-date and ensure your system is bug-free. Moreover, MSXML and.NET Framework are also cleared of general corruption. For assistance with updating Windows, see the instructions below.

  • To begin, tap “Start”.
  • Click on “Windows Update”.
  • Click on “System Update”.
  • Then click “Check for Updates”.
  • Then tap “Install Updates” if there are any.
  • Run Quickbooks again after the Windows updates.

In case, the adobe solutions fail, you must jump on to the most reliable method. The below solutions never fails to resolve such types of QBs errors. Learn the steps below. 

Method 4: Quickbook License Error Manual Fix

If none of the above methods proved helpful, then it’s time to update manually. Follow these steps:

  • Create a new EntitlementDataStore.ecml file in order to resolve licensing and registration issues.  
  • Using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool, resolve issues with MSXML, C++, and the Microsoft.NET Framework.  
  • Reinstall it by performing a clean installation.
  • Finally, run the reboot.file. Next, update QB to the latest version.

You can resolve this error quickly by following these steps. This is also the top and most reliable method recommended by experts. 

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This article is a complete guide for all the users struggling with QuickBooks license error after clone. With causes of existence and reliable solutions, we have tried to put up everything in a nutshell. We hope you will be able to follow our content easily and are no longer in any sort of ongoing problems.

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