Find Nightstands for Under $500

Is it time to update your bedroom décor? A fast and easy way to spruce up the room is to get new nightstands. They’ll inject new life into the space if you choose the right ones for the room. Visiting a retail store, you may find the prices to be higher than expected.

If so, stop by 1Stop Bedrooms, and you’ll notice the prices are much cheaper. That’s because they deal directly with the manufacturers. They eliminate any overhead costs that way and pass the savings they receive on to the consumer. They also have financing options for up to thirty-six months if you can’t pay the full price today.

There is a low-cost, price-match guarantee on every order. If you find the identical nightstand with a competitor for less, reach out to the customer service team with the required information for a price adjustment.

On top of the great savings, they offer coupons on the site so you can take more money off the already low prices. Use the site’s filter to browse the nightstands for under $500, and you’ll see that a cheap nightstands don’t mean low-quality nightstands you’ll have to sacrifice quality. There are even non-commissioned design specialists ready to help with a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns about the furniture.


So, if you’re looking for a new nightstand, you’ve come to the right place. Nightstands often get overlooked in the bedroom. The bed and clothing storage and the priorities, but the nightstand is equally important. Think about how inconvenient it would be to have to get out of your warm, cozy bed and walk over to a dresser to turn your phone alarm off. Snoozing isn’t an option.


So, now that you’re ready to start shopping, it’s time to choose a style. Do you need storage, or can you go with a small table design? Consider all the things you reach for while in bed. If you read, you’ll want a place to store your books or kindle. A nightstand with a USB charging port is a great option for your mobile devices.


When it comes to height, it should be no higher than your mattress top to keep the flow of the space consistent. If you have a low platform bed frame, you will need low-profile nightstands.


Surface space is also important. Drawers and cabinets are perfect for concealing items, but what about everything else. If you watch tv in bed, the remote control should be nearby. If you wear glasses to read, you’ll want to place them on your nightstand when you’re done.Do you sleep with a mask? Then make sure there is room for it on your nightstand.


Lastly, the finish and material used for the nightstand have to be considered. If you keep water on the nightstand, be careful of the moisture with a wooden bedside table. The glass can leave ring stains and damage the wood.


So reach out to a design consultant today and place the order for your new nightstands.

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