Features must have in Automated Material Handling Systems

Material handling is an essential portion of any production process. It included packing, storing, moving, and unpacking the goods. With globalization and industrialization, material handling volume has expanded. Relying on manual handling of materials may adversely affect the production & supply process. Rapid industrialization and new-age technology tools have further lifted the material handling market. With this lifting, roller conveyors, and pulling through, manpower is no longer beneficial. If you actively involved in the manufacturing or material handling sector, Automated Material Handling Systemsis a blessing. An expert like Armstrong can help you get the perfect automated material handling solutions with many benefits.

Why automated over manual material handling system

Years ago many business owners and industrialists continued to use a manual handling material system. Material handling is require to more effective and efficient with changing technology and automated systems. Here are some reasons why the automation system has taken up the place of the manual material handling system.

  • Advanced technology

Manual material handling requires human interference for moving, locating, and storing goods. With advanced technology, the concept of AI and IoT are introduced in an automated system which has made material handling fully automatic. Computerized systems have made movement & storage of materials becomes easy with no manual interference.

  • Faster and easily scalable

In manual handling of materials, a single operation at a time can be performed. The speed of handling the material is lower compare to automated system. These limitations are overcome with Automated Material Handling Systems. An automate system programming can done to handle more than one operation. Planning and research help to make the automated system more agile and scalable.

  • Precision

Human involvement in the manual material system may lead to errors and imprecision. Errors in the material handling may cause damages or loss of the materials. A system required to perform the product handling with precision. Automated systems for material handling are perfect solutions for that. It prevents inaccuracies.

  • Nature of operation

The operation is repetitive a manual material handling system is not perfect. The operations have increased, repetitive and predictable with industrialization. In such a case, automated systems are the most suitable option. Gradually automated material handling systems became popular and replaced the manual system.

  • Safe

Manual material handling systems involves the handling of heavy load materials by a human. It is a risky job. Improper handling may result in injuries and accidents. In such a situation automated systems adopted that are less prone to accidents and injuries as automated systems handled them all.

  • Higher productivity

Error-prone inventory management, time-consuming, costly, and outdated methods are some of the limitations of manual material handling systems. It resulted in lower productivity. Computerized machines and new techniques reduced the shortcoming of labor handling operations resulting in higher productivity.

  • Optimized space

Automated Material Handling Systemshave replaced the manual material handling system to large extent. Many organizations and industrial units are maintaining a balance between automated and manual systems. If you work with repetitive processes and in large volume materials, automated solutions of Armstrong for material handling are the best option.


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