Facebook Monitoring Made Easy With Android Spying

Facebook Monitoring Made Easy With Android Spying

Name one person in your social circle who does not love social media or has no account on a single social media platform. None right? or in the very rare case, there might be one or two persons. Most people whether they belong to whatever age group loves socializing through social media platforms.

It is now more like a way of living, a trend than just a source of entertainment.  Some use it for a daily dose of gossip and news, others like introverts prefer it as the only mode of connection with the outer world.

Now there are tons of different uses of social media platforms apart from the custom uses. It is now a source of money for many people a source of knowledge or learning skill for others, Some use it as a marketing tool use the free mode of marketing to their best.

Well whether you are a teenager, a housewife a businessman, or a person enjoying a retired life you must have heard about the Facebook app. It is one of the biggest social networks worldwide as there are around 2.7 billion monthly active users of the social media app.

On one hand, social media apps have redefined the meaning of socializing and online communication but on the other hand, this has been proved as a huge distraction as well.

Especially when we talk about the teenagers or minors who have zero to minimum control over time management these varieties of apps are a huge waste of time for them. Moreover, various features of these apps can promote cyber issues which are beyond the control of the parents.

For example, last weekend a blue hair color group of teens showed up at our door. I was near to lose consciousness when my teen showed up from upstairs with blue hair. Turned out they are starting a blue hair club on the FcaeBook for all blue hair lovers and had their first meeting on that day.

Honestly, some of them did not just have blue hair but have all sorts of jewelry. I was worried sick for the next 72 hours until my teen was back to black hair as he thought blue hair was not his thing.

The point is social media has made easy the meet and greet of weirdos or common mind people. It was all fine but that blue har incident was enough for me to step up my android spying game so I got the OgyMogy spy app.

Access To All Friends And Followers:

With the use of the Facebook spy app, parents can know about all the friends and followers of the teenager remotely. Now I can know who is added to his friend list and what kind of people are followed by or following him to know more about his interest and hobbies. This feature is very useful for parents who are worried that their minor kid may befriended by any bully, stalker, or sociopath online.

NewsFeed  Reporting:

No need to feel anxious if you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t know about the Facebook user id of your kid. With the use of the OgyMogy spy app, one can know about all the newsfeed activities of the kid easily.

Check out their likes and comment section and keep an eye on the notification bar with OgyMogy android spying features.

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Access to the Call log:

Facebook s a complete package in a way that not only offers to upload status, images, or videos but also offers free audio and video call service. Free in a sense if and only if you have access to the internet or wifi. Keep up with the call log details of your teen and know if they are in contact with any weirdo on the Facebook platform.

Insights Of The Chat Box:

With the OgyMogy spy app, you can have insight into the chatbox as well. Read the conversation your teen has with other online friends.

Make sure you keep an eye on the media shared through the inbox as well. Social media platforms are one of the main sources of online bullying so know if your kid becomes the target of cybercrime or harassment.

OgyMogy android spying covers many other social media platforms as well for monitoring. Visit OgyMogy.com for details.

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