Evidence that Amazon FBA business is a profitable Business

Is Amazon FBA a profitable business?

I’m sure you’re well aware that nobody’s revenue could ever tell the complete story of some other person’s business but, from the statistics Evidence, it can be said that Amazon FBA business is a profitable business since over 66 percent of Amazon sellers retain more than 10% profit margins.

Evidence from the income of Amazon FBAs sellers

Based on the types of products you offer and your sales volume, it is projected that profit margins in an Amazon FBA business range between 10% and 20%.

Although the numbers are not large, the profit depends on various criteria, such as the type of seller and the amount of time you invest.

Profit scenario based on the size of the team

  1. Single/two people:In this case, one or two people run the firm while sharing the tasks. This type of business can’t be very profitable if you can’t create a comfortable sales volume in a short period.
  2. Small team:When a small group (5 to 10) of individuals work for one Amazon Fba store, it can be more profitable than a regular job or traditional selling firm.
  3. A well-organized and dedicated team: A professional sort of Amazon FBA selling firm that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has the potential to be the most profitable of the three. In addition, this firm conducts substantial product research, marketing, and other supplementary services.

Evidence from the trend of Amazon monthly revenue

Amazon monthly revenue % share
< $500 <17%
$501- $1000 9%
$1001-$5000 20%
$5000-$10000 13%
$10001- $25000 12%
$25000-$50000 10%
$50,001- $1,00000 5%
$10,0000 – $ 250000 5%
>  250000 >6%


From the trend of monthly revenue, you can see half of the sellers generate more than $5000  per month; considering the profit margin of 15%, half of the Amazon FBA sellers earn profit more than $750, and about 20% of sellers generate total revenue more than $50,000 per months as estimate profit of $5000-$10,000.

Is it late to start?

Nothing is ever late if you start with effort and time. Although this does not suggest that you can make money in any business by working hard, it is clear that Amazon is still profitable due to its market penetration and the growing trend of e-commerce in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Because it is cost-effective and uncomplicated, Amazon FBA remained lucrative in 2021. In 2022, there is still time to make the most of the situation with a smart strategy and plan to succeed in business.


 Is Amazon FBA profitable? This isn’t the only question. It’s also a question of whether your firm is suitable for the FBA model or not. A single factor cannot decide this, and if you have a clear goal and conduct significant research, Amazon FBA can be a profitable business. Half of a seller’s job is to research the product niche and product and a criterion for determining profitability. Another factor affecting profit margin in Amazon FBA businesses is cash flow management, as you can only withdraw your earnings after 14 days.

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