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How to draw a bear

How to draw a bear. If you have landed on this page, you are most likely looking for an illustrated guide that can explain how to draw a bear in a comprehensive but not too pedantic way. Then, you are in the right place: here we will explain how to draw this majestic mammal from scratch, starting from the preparatory sketches to finally arrive at the complete drawing, which will explain to you step by step, complete with a drawing. But be careful: even before placing the tip of your pencil on the sketchbook, you should focus a little on the bear’s personality.

No, we are not asking you to psychoanalyze these giant animals: however, we want you to realize that, in your head, there are many different images of the bear, very different from each other and often very distant from reality. There is the sad bear you saw as a child at the zoo. There is the ingenious yogi bear by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the kind of Winnie Pooh, the bears reintroduced in the Italian parks that are so much discussed, and the fearsome Alaskan grizzlies protagonists of countless adventure films. But, before starting with your drawing, you should erase all these stereotypes and think about what this animal is like and how it behaves.

Accessories for drawing a bear

As we have often mentioned in our pencil drawing guides, you don’t need many accessories: we’re not talking about oil painting, but rather the ‘simple’ pencil drawing! So here you will, first of all, need some excellent drawing pencils. We speak in the plural because a single pencil will not be enough: it is much better to have at least three different pencils, one hard, one medium, and one soft (starting, in general, from 2H up, leaving the rest of the H scale only to those who deals with technical drawing and lotus drawing).

In addition to the pencil, you will need a white eraser, an eraser, a smudger, a pencil sharpener, and a fixative spray to make sure that your drawing, once finished and finished, can last a long time. At this point, only the drawing paper is missing: we recommend that you buy two different blocks of paper. A block will use for sketches, and therefore will be made up of quality sheets but still light, with relatively low weight; the other league, on the other hand, will be for the final design and must therefore boast a greater significance.

What kind of a bear to draw

As you probably know, there is no single type of bear. Of course, you are of little or no interest in learning the taxonomy of this species. Still, undoubtedly, before you start drawing, you must understand which type you want to put on paper: it will be a large or small bear, with light or dark fur, smooth or hairy. ? Will it have a hump? And his face, what will it be like? Think, for example, of the European brown bear, and therefore of the bear that we can also find here in Europe, in the Apennines and the Alps, and then think of its close cousin ‘grizzly,’ or the North American brown bear: the first it has a short and decidedly brown fur, the second long and almost greyish; the European one is ‘small,’ agile and calm, while the grizzly is enormous, heavy and tends to be more agitated.

The preparatory sketches for drawing a bear

draw a bear

Observe the bear’s anatomy: this animal has a huge head, a massive and imposing body, supported by relatively short legs. It might even seem clumsy, but it’s just an illusion: these animals can run faster than humans, and they even know how to climb trees! Better not to forget them when we are going to draw them so as not to draw imaginary and unrealistic animals. To sketch the bear, we advise you to start from a side perspective, with the four-legged bear: you will therefore have to start from the trunk, which will have an oval shape, from which you will have to draw the neck (a short and wide cylinder) and the head. For convenience, you could sketch the neck as a long cone, ending truncated (and therefore not pointed) to form the bear’s face; on this same cone. Consequently, you will have to draw a circle to shape the head of the animal.

Draw a bear, step by step

Well, now you know how to sketch the contours of a bear: you have to take your pencils and your sketchbook – the best one – and draw a complete course, including fur. Please start with the hardest pencil in your triptych and outline its contours after sketching the bear as we saw above. We have decided to draw a grizzly bear, so we have outlined an ‘important’ size, as you can see from our drawings. Try already in this phase to give movement to your bear, naturally bending the legs to provide the sensation of the step.

And where, on the other hand, is there more light? Report all these impressions by drawing short lines more or less close together, still following the shape of the body, hinting at bumps and muscles (have you noticed that the grizzly has a rather pronounced hump?). At this point, finally, you can give yourself to the finishing and then to the hatching of the hair. According to the play of light, our grizzly bear has a long and shaggy fur, which you should make with many short strokes more or less dark. And be careful. In some places, the hair is longer, while it is decidedly more lacking.

Now your bear is practically finished: you can shed more light on some points of your bear – such as on the back – by ‘removing’ some graphite with the rubber bread, which you will eventually use to clean the white parts of the sheet. So now your bear is done, and you can make it eternal – or nearly so – with your fixative spray! Today you learned how to draw a bear: you are still waiting here, on our blog, to learn how to draw many other animals and objects – and, when needed, remember to visit our e-commerce, to buy everything you need for your designs, taking advantage of our offers!

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