DIY Rakhi ideas

Don’t miss these popular DIY Gift ideas this Festival

Raksha Bandhan festival brings immense joy to brothers and sisters who love to celebrate the spirit of this beautiful relationship. Sisters leave no stone unturned to find the best Rakhis for their brothers. Meanwhile, brothers also ensure to purchase the best gifts for their sisters and create everlasting memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. (DIY Gift ideas)

The festival is usually celebrated in July and August on the full moon. You may also check the best time when you may tie the Rakhi to your brother’s wrist. It is ideal for tying the Rakhi at the most auspicious time of the day when Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. Sisters usually keep a fast on this day as long as they have not tied the Rakhi to their brother’s wrist. The festival celebrates the relationship, love, and care that brother and sister have for each other. Sisters do not mind traveling long distances on this day to tie a Rakhi to their brother’s wrist. And, the same goes for brother. The festival is celebrated in India for ages. As the festival is just left a few months away now, you may explore some of the useful DIY Rakhi ideas:

Personalized Picture Rakhi: These Rakhis have emerged highly popular among brothers and sisters. You may find the photo from the day when your brother was just born. You may make a personalized Rakhi for your brother as it will evoke specific memories of the day when he just came to this world. After finding the special image of your brother, you may tie it to a Mauli or any other robust thread that will not break easily. You may find a few best images of your brother and paste them on the Mauli. Your brother will certainly enjoy this special Rakhi made by you.

Cartoon Rakhi: These Rakhis have become highly popular among small children. Children spend a good time watching their favorite cartoon characters. When they see these cartoon characters on a Rakhi, it will bring them immense joy. The Rakhi festival will not only become memorable with cartoon Rakhis, but your brother will enjoy the day to the fullest.  These days Chota Bheem, Doremon, and Shin-Chan are getting highly popular. You may choose one of them and prepare a Rakhi accordingly.

Beads Rakhi: These Rakhis are also widely popular. You can find beads in your home without any hassle. You can learn from your mother or someone else how to make a Rakhi from beads. You will need various types of colors in the beads to make the Rakhi eye-catching and outstanding. You may choose a wooden element of bead, especially in the center. You may use small beads for showcasing your creative side. It has emerged as one of the commonly available Rakhis, and yet it is quite famous among children.

Sheet Rakhi: You may also think of making a handmade sheet Rakhi with the help of some commonly available items at your home. These items may include beads, motifs, buttons, and stones, among others. You may create a base of handmade sheets and create holes in the sheets at both corners. It will help you attach Mauli or other threads to create outstanding Rakhi. In the end, you may decorate it with the available craft materials. It will certainly leave your brother impressed.

Pearl Rakhi: You may also opt for making a pearl Rakhi for your brother Raksha Bandhan. A pearl has emerged as an elegant item that will leave everyone fascinated by it. You can make a pearl rakhi without much difficulty. You can purchase some pearls from a local jeweler and arrange them in beautiful threads. If your brother appreciates true beauty, he will certainly like this type of Rakhi.

Therefore, we may conclude that you can make the Rakhis mentioned above for your brother this Raksha Bandhan and make the day memorable. Your brother will certainly like the kind of hard work you may have put in to make Rakhi for him. It will certainly help in strengthening the bond of love that you share for each other. You can make either kids Rakhi or some other Rakhis as per your desire.

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