Does Dry Eye Sleep Mask Control Dryness at Night

Does Dry Eye Sleep Mask Control Dryness at Night

Dry eyes make your day quite heavy as it leads to itching & irritation. Surely, this is very distracting as your all-day go through in pain. People suffering from seasonal or regular eye dryness have to bear immense pain at night. To gradually prevent the issue, a dry eye sleep mask is a great solution. With the regular implementation of a dry eye mask, you can have the normal life back. 

In the post, we will learn about the causes of eye dryness, how to rid the painful disease, and how eye dryness masks can be a lifesaver. 

What are the Causes of Dry Eye Disease?

There are many reasons associated with dry eye disease. However, the common underlying factor is when tears production slows down or stops. The poor quality tear reduces the lubrication, which results in dryness. Once we blink, the underside of our eyelid spreads moisture over the cornea; if it’s not possible, then we start feeling irritation. 

According to the American National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health study, adult females with metabolic disorders lead to dry eye disease. Another reason for the dryness is when a person, while sleeping, cannot close their eyelids completely. It’s because the surface of the eyes opens throughout the night. In such a case, one can wear a dry eye mask for sleeping

What Health Conditions can Cause Dry Eyes?

If you are looking to know if health disorders can end up with dry eyes, the answer is yes. Various health conditions like sarcoid disease, sjogren disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, and sleep apnea. According to American Optometric Association (OAO), aging and certain medications such as decongestants, antihistamines, and blood pressure drugs can give rise to eye dryness. Even LASIK surgery or long-term contact lens application can lead to dry eyes.

What are the Environmental Factors Associated with Dry Eyes? 

Air pollution and a dry environment also play a pivotal role in contributing to dry eyes. Even the excess use of gadgets can impact the healthy eye glands, which in turn cause dryness. While working on a computer or playing a video game on a cellphone, you stop blinking often, and that evaporates tears. 

Why Do Your Eyes Feel Drier at Night?

Science says that the body’s metabolism changes at night which makes your eyes feel drier. How? The metabolism rate slows down at night, and all the body functions are at rest and have less moisture. Therefore, one’s eyes feel drier. As mentioned above, even improper eyelid closure can cause dry, irritated eyes.

What are the Home remedies for Dry Eyes at Night? 

You can look for gels,  lubricating tears, and ointments to cure the mild issue. Ensure home remedies are not the exact treatment; it’s better to consult a doctor before things go out of hand. However, the remedies act as an additional alternative to reduce the dryness. Also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as limiting computer time, sleeping on time, having a good amount of sleep, morning walk, exercise, etc. A good lifestyle brings a better change in your life. 

Dry Eye Mask a Phenomenal Medical treatment 

To speed up the recovery, get the dry eye heat mask recommended by an optometrist. The mask provides constant heat to the eyelids, which gives a better relief day by day. Mask has helped many patients to come out from gritty eyes. Many doctors recommend dry eye masks with the medication to make the treatment effective. 

Give your eyes proper care by applying a dry eye mask at night to control dryness! 



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