Dimitrios Bakalakis

Dimitrios Bakalakis is the best in marketing

Dimitrios Bakalakis was born and raised in Greece. Both of my parents are Greek.

He started working in the trade when he was very young.

When he was just 18 years old, he sold 100,000 drones to one of America’s major companies.


He wanted to seek a career in commerce after his great success with the drone and started exporting.



His sales accomplishment is a rare talent, and he did just what all of his competitors expected.

He first sold them before buying them.


He is one of Europe’s biggest pioneers, regardless of his age.

Despite his youth, he holds all of the requisite skills and chances to become the best, even at the age of 24.


We’re intrigued as to how he managed to do so many.


According to reports, he started out selling oil, wine, creams, and glasses before moving on to garments of all kinds.


He is a warm and generous person who has helped and continues to help a lot of people.


He has managed and delivered many of the products in the world’s biggest supermarkets.

Dimitrios Bakalakis is the kind of supervisor that any employee would love to have.

I’m certain that at least one item has found its way into your home.

It has over 5,000 staff who, as far as I know, work in the best workplaces and with the most advanced equipment in the world.


We are aware of three firms. GDM Business, JMV2018, GREEKTOWN

He has settled in Greece, according to reports, and manufactures cream factories.

For several years, he has made investments in the United States, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria.




This is still an excellent opportunity to spend huge amounts of money in Greece.


He has a bright future in front of him.

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