Different Means of London Airport Transfers

How to Travel from London Airports

United Kingdom is home to some of the busiest airports on the planet earth and the influx of passengers that use those airports to either travel in and out of UK or use them as transit to fly to other destinations can reach up to 240 million annually. 

Most of the load bearing is done by the airports situated in and around London. Guiding and navigating the air traffic alone is complicated enough but when you look at the effort that is being put to move those passengers on the ground, it is beggars’ belief. 

Airport transfers is one of the biggest challenges that the administration faces as the motive is not just airport transfers but safe and convenient transfers. 

Truth be told, it is not possible to ascertain which way is the best way to be transferred from airport to Central London or the other way round. There are many factors to consider and mostly it is dependant on your own requirements, preferences and budget. 

However, we can have a look at the options that are available for airport transfers. 

Your Choices to Travel from London Airports

Before you choose any mode of transportation for the London airport transfers, you must be clear in your head about what matters most to you. Is it luxury, is it economy, or you would like to travel as cheap as possible? Then you can determine which is the best mode of transport for you. 

Prestige Vehicle Service Driven by Chauffeur

If you like to travel in style and comfort is your first priority then this is the service for you. This is by far the most safe and secure service as well. The best way to be transferred between the airport and London is to be in a luxury vehicle whisking you away in comfort in silence while blocking out the harsh weather and noise form outside. 

All you need to do is to book with a reliable and reputed prestige vehicle service company. Once you are booked then the whole process of transfer becomes the company’s responsibility. They are you one stop solution to every problem. They monitor your flight arrival timings; your chauffeur greets you right at the terminal with your name card and professional smile and you are on your way in no time while traveling in style. 

You can set out your own terms and conditions with the company according to your convenience. You do not worry about timings, dragging your luggage between terminals or airport parking fees. Late night or early morning transfers are not your problems anymore. These service providers wake you up on time, send the chauffeur who is waiting outside and deliver you to your destination. 

Just make sure that you find a reliable and trusted service provider such as Cabs London who has been in this business for over a decade and provide you the corporate experience at minimal prices.

Black Cab or Private Hire Cab

If chauffeur driven luxury vehicle deemed to be the safest mode of transport during the pandemic, then black cab or private hire cab is the second safest way to travel. You do not have to share your ride with others and can travel without any interruption. 

Down side is that its not guaranteed to be sanitized and driver’s credentials could be debateable. 

National Express Airport Shuttle Service

If economy matters more for you than luxury and exclusivity than there are a few choices that you can avail to suit your budget. National express runs a shuttle service between airport and central London and best thing about the shuttle service is that there are no unnecessary stops along the way. Buses that National Express provide are super comfortable and the duration of the travel is greatly reduced as these shuttle services are specially operated to take passengers between London and airports. 

Only problem with this mode of transport is time consumption. You have to follow the schedules and have to commute to the National Express bus stand. Its not an ideal way to commute during the pandemic.

Bus Service Airport Transfer

If you are traveling on a tight budget then this is the best option for you. You spend next to nothing when you avail this option and slowly but eventually you get to your destination. 

It may be a cheap option but its not the easiest option as you have to drag your luggage and your family with you to a fair distance just to get to the bus stop and the torment does not stop there. Once the bus is up and running it has a route to follow and many many stops on the way. It takes ages to get from point A to point B. 

Central London is not an easy place to navigate through and you might have to change the bus to get to your ultimate destination. You might have to wait at the bus stop for a long time in harsh weather as well while taking care of your luggage and family. Weekends could be even more problematic as these days are usually very busy and you may have to face antisocial behaviour from drunks and revellers. 

If you ask me, this is the least favourite mode of transportation for air port transportation. 

 Train Traveling for Airport Transfer

Apart from the luxury vehicle service, this is the most convenient way for airport transfers. Its fast, stress free and professional way to get to the airport or get to the central London depending on your need. From the airport, you have the train station at very convenient point and easily accessible. So, carrying your luggage is not such an issue. 

Only downside is the its not as cheap as the bus ride to the airport and there are limitations on this mode of travel as well. It can take you to the central London but if you would like to get access to a specific part of London, then you may have to rely on alternative mode of transportation i.e., bus or taxi. Antisocial behaviour is a problem in this mode of transportation as well but it filters out due to the pricy tickets. Again, during the pandemic it’s not advisable to travel on public transportation. 

London Underground Airport Transfer

London underground is mostly connected to the London airports. Almost all the major airports have boarding points that you can access easily. Trains departs at regular intervals and are quick way to reach your destination. These are not an expensive mode of transport either and a day pass can render you free travel throughout greater London area.

Again the downside is that it may involve dragging your luggage up and down the stairs as you are going underground. You may have to change the lines to get to your destination. Unfortunately, social distancing is virtually impossible so its not safe medium of travel if you ask us. 

Safety Tips During the Pandemic

Covid-19 is not as intense as it used to be but this does not mean that it has disappeared. It should be our collective responsibility to adhere to the preventative efforts and stay out of danger. Following are some of the guidelines all of us should follow. 

  • Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wear mask and disposable gloves as much as possible as this is one sure way to keep the virus away.
  • Keep social distancing at all times.
  • Try not to touch any common points such as door handles and railings and windows. 
  • Keep a bottle of sanitizer with you all the time and use it frequently.
  • Keep the ventilation points open and place yourself nearest to the ventilation points. 

Since this pandemic is evolving on permanent basis so it is better to keep abreast with the latest developments and develop with the precautions accordingly.

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