coronavirus in bangladesh

Dhaka is isolated due to the increase in the prevalence of coronavirus.

Dhaka is isolated due to the increase in the prevalence of coronavirus. Among the few districts in the vicinity of the capital where all activities and traffic have been stopped, vehicles from the southern and south-western districts pass through Manikganj.

This has affected Gabtali, one of the most important entrances to Dhaka. Ordinary people are in trouble as the traffic on Aminbazar Bridge has been stopped. Vehicles are being stuck on both sides of the bridge. Other transports including Dhaka’s internal public transport are being blocked at Gabtali. Meanwhile, other vehicles including the Savar bus are being stopped at Aminbazar on the other side of the bridge.

Today, from 10 am to 12 noon on Wednesday, people can be seen in the area. Most of them are entering Dhaka on foot. Most of them are office-going people, who live mainly in Savar. Besides, there are garment workers. Apart from this, patients coming for treatment from other districts are coming to Dhaka, while the residents of Dhaka are stuck while traveling.

Apart from this, many are coming from outside districts. The cost is much higher than usual.

Mohammad Jahangir is a farmer by profession. He farmed in Gaibandha. He came to visit Dhaka with his uncle and aunt. He is survived by his wife and six-year-old child. Jahangir was walking in a group with everyone, crossing the Aminbazar bridge. He brought one ounce of rice to his uncle’s house.

Jahangir told Prothom Alo that the price of a ticket from Gaibandha to Mirzapur by bus is Tk 400. Chandra came from Mirzapur in a van at 300 rupees per person. From there he came to Nabinagar for 400 rupees. He came to Laguna from Nabinagar to the beginning of Aminbazar Bridge for 300 rupees. After that, it took only 200 rupees to cross the Aminbazar bridge by van with a sack of rice.
Jahangir’s aunt Zahura Begum said it does not cost more than Rs 500 to come from Gaibandha in normal time. Now it seems like one and a half thousand rupees per person. He said he left Gaibandha at 10:30 last night. It was 11 o’clock in the morning to reach Gabtali.

Zahara Begum’s anger, “If it had been announced three or four days ago without stopping everything suddenly, the suffering would not have happened.”

Sahara Begum has come to Dhaka from Manikganj district for dialysis. He was seen walking with his niece in Gabtali. Sahara Begum said in the first light, ‘There has been a lot of trouble with the sick body. I have changed the car three times and it has cost more money. ‘He said he did not see the police stopping anywhere on the way from Manikganj.

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