Inner Critic

Dealing With Your Inner Critic

Most of us have an inner monologue. They are the private conversations we have that can fuel our success or become a major obstacle that prevents us from reaching our goals and full potential. 

Our thoughts greatly influence how we feel and how we behave. This is why negative self-talk is so destructive. Constantly telling yourself that you won’t be successful, or you aren’t as good as your peers not only affects your self-worth but inevitably builds anxiety and deters you from facing your fears.

In this post, we will discuss what an inner critic is and tips on taming the negative voice.

What is An Inner Critic?

The critical inner voice is a popular psychological concept that refers to the inner part of the self that judges and criticises. The inner critic is an internal enemy that can affect every aspect of your life, from your career and performance to your personal relationships and confidence. 

Conquering Your Inner Critic

In order to take control back over this destructive process, you must become conscious about what your inner voice is telling you. While you may be aware of the negative self-talk, it can often be difficult to identify the source of these feelings. With the help of a qualified Hypnotherapist, you can delve deep into your subconscious to root out the source of your inner critic. 

Develop Self-Awareness Of Your Thoughts

The first step in taming your inner critic is to be aware of these negative thoughts. We get used to hearing our own thoughts, and it is easy to be oblivious to the messages we send to ourselves.

More often than not our thoughts are exaggerated and biased. By paying attention to your thoughts, you will begin to realise that just because you think something, doesn’t make it true. 

Reduce Rumination

After a mistake or a long day, you may be tempted to replay the events in your head, reminding yourself of the questionable things you did and what you should have done instead. While active problem solving is beneficial, these thoughts will run away from us and evolve into something destructive if allowed to fester.

Instead of ruminating on past events, distract yourself by doing something that will occupy your mind and give it a break from the wheels spinning in your head. 

Replace Overly Critical Thoughts With Accurate Statements

When our inner critic is in full swing, it’s easy to forget our own strengths and accomplishments. When you are feeling down, take a step back and replace it with more balanced thoughts. Instead of “I make mistakes all the time” replace it with “I am human and mistakes happen”

Balance Acceptance With Self-Improvement

Accepting who you are is the first step on the road to self-improvement. We need to find a balance between accepting ourselves for who we are and striving for self-improvement. Acceptance does not mean that we do not want to change or grow, it is simply acknowledging our flaws, recognising that change is possible and it is ok to feel the way we do. 

Silence The Negativity With Hypnotherapy

As a master Hypnotherapist based in Brisbane, Lai Tattis will work with you to uncover the root cause of these negative beliefs and guide you to a place where your inner critic is replaced with self-affirmations that will help you achieve your goals.

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