Current Home Décor Trends You’ll Love

Home decor is an important part of our lives. It creates a sense of comfort and happiness at the place where we spend most of our time. People are trying to make their homes more comfortable, attractive, modern, stylish, and cool; they buy things like kitchen appliances, furniture, decoration, etc.

1. Neutral and Natural Shades

The primary trend for this year is neutrals—beige, browns, whites, greys, blues, greens, yellows, and soft pastels. Since the beginning of time, these shades have been the go-to colors because they give you that warm feeling even though it’s cold outside. They also blend well with almost any color scheme and work great as an accent color with a little pop.

We see lots of natural materials being used in home decor worldwide. From wood to stone to bamboo to metal and glass, there are many different types and textures which can add warmth or elegance to your room space.

2. Sustainable Materials

Home décor products made using sustainable materials are becoming very popular. The term ‘green’ has become synonymous with sustainability today. Some good practices include choosing wood harvested from sustainable forests, reusing old materials rather than throwing them away, or painting with paints containing harmful ingredients.

You will find various ways to incorporate these into your home décor items. For example, choose wooden tables instead of plastic ones.

3. Barn Doors

One new item on the trendy list is trendy barn doors-style hardware for the front entrance. The large wooden door slides open just enough to enter but not so far that someone has to stoop down. Barn doors work great when combined with sleek surfaces. Also, they provide extra privacy. You don’t want strangers walking up to your door all the time!

4. Wooden Decorations

Another trend for 2018 is incorporating rustic elements into your home decors. Wooden accessories such as tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, cabinets, and desks come in various finishes, shapes, sizes, and patterns. They add texture, charm, character, and functionality.

There are beautiful wooden items available everywhere nowadays, suitable for indoor spaces. You may use them as a coffee table, sideboard, or a desk. Many manufacturers add a touch of nature into their designs by including leaves, branches, flowers, and other plants in the wood grain.

5. Luxurious Textiles

Luxury fabrics are taking center stage among home décor designers. Fabrics with luxurious details are extremely popular in 2018. Luxe bedding, textiles, and carpets offer a sense of indulgence and luxury. So take advantage of the latest trends in the market. Use plush pillows, thick blankets and throw covers, and luxurious sheets. You’ll love having a luxurious look around the house in every room.

6. Transitional Design

Trendy colors such as white, off-white, and grey are still popular. However, transitional design is gaining momentum and is expected to dominate interior decorating trends this season. Bold contrasts characterize this design. Therefore, combining two complementary colors (for instance, black and red) can strongly impact. But remember, it should always match the decor.

Go for neutrals if you prefer more subtle contrast, such as grey or blue. Transitions are often achieved through the use of contrasting wallpapers. Choose one that brings out a particular mood or impression in the room.

7. Rustic Furniture

We’ve never known a time when people had less money to spend on furniture. A piece of solid oak, stained dark brown or perhaps even painted black, might be exactly what you need. It makes furniture timelessly elegant and sophisticated. It also adds warmth and interest.

If you’re looking to refresh your living space, why not try an antique-looking wooden sofa or chair. Also, consider a well-made wooden armoire or bookcase. These pieces would instantly transform any bedroom or family room. And at the same time, enhance its overall appeal.

8. Modern Geometric Shapes

Geometry is another trending concept. Geometric shapes have been incredibly popular. As part of the minimalist movement, geometric forms continue to gain popularity. Think about minimalist paintings, art prints, or sculptures inspired by minimalist movements.

Many contemporary artists chose to focus only on geometric forms. Some artists even go further than others. For example, some created abstract artworks using geometry as the main theme. Today we see everything from framed pictures to kitchen tiles showing geometric shapes.

9. DIY Projects

This new year you, too, can create something unique and customized. You can do it yourself! By creating DIY projects, you won’t just save money but time. Making things yourself will teach you skills while giving you some extra fun. Plus, you don’t have to buy all the supplies needed. You can get them from friends or local stores. You’ll find that making these ideas yourself is so easy, from table runners to curtains. Best yet, you don’t need much money to do this either. So start today to save up. Find materials, gather your tools and begin.

10. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring a natural element to our homes. They help purify the air, improve air quality, and add beauty to any indoor space. While they may seem like a simple idea, there’s quite a bit of science behind why certain types of indoor plants work better than others.

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