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Closing the debate on TPO versus PVC

There has been a long-standing debate in the roofing industry on which roofing is better between PVC and TPO. While both materials have their own area of strength, they are not without their weaknesses too.

In this article, we will try and analyze the differences between both roofing materials. And if you need help with the installation of your TPO roofing, open TPO roofing Pueblo.

  • Cost: Without careful consideration, it may seem like TPO is cheaper than PVC but when you consider the labour cost of installation, TPO are generally more technical to install hence they cost more than PVC. Summing up the installation cost and cost of material puts both TPO and PVC at almost the same cost.
  • Energy efficiency: Both TPO and PVC are very efficient in terms of energy savings. The surfaces of TPO and PVC are reflective surfaces. In their characteristic black, white and grey colours. They’ll help homeowners or inhabitants of a building to incur lesser cost on heating and air conditioning.
  • Longevity: in terms of longevity, TPO roofs have a lifespan of 22 to 30 years in most situations while PVC on the other hand are moredurable, when maintained adequately they can have a lifespan of 25-30 year.
  • Ease of Installation: Like I earlier mentioned, PVC are less technical to install. This is so especially when the contractor uses glued seams during the installation.
  • Resistance to moisture: findings reveal that a TPO’s hot air-welded seams make it 100% resistant to water penetration. Also, PVC are water resistance but TPO’s water resistance lasts for a longer time than that of PVC.
  • Eco-friendliness: TPO is perceived to be safer for the environment. This is because they are 100% recyclable and unlike PVC they do not emit carbon(iv)oxide into the atmosphere.
  • Cost of maintenance: Depending on a number of factors like the damage, the degree of damage and others, it may be difficult to appraise both PVC and TPO on this factor as they are very volatile variablesw. However judging from the cost of installation alone, TPO seems cheaper than PVC.
  • On the basis of resistnace to puncturing and resistance to extreme weather conditions, PVC ranks higher than TPO. however, in terms of flexibility it is believed that PVC is more flexible than PVC.

These are some of the differences that exists between PVC and TPO roofing. If you would like to choose any, compare on these basis and see which one suits your need most. 

However since fixing or installing any roofing whether PVC or TPO is to be done by professionals, you need to be careful of who you employ. Here are some traits to look for in whomever you desire to employ.

  • Experience: ensure the person has spent many years working as a roofer.
  • License: ensure the person has license to practise in your area
  • Insurance: it pays to employ a roofer who is insured incase of any defective job.
  • Warranty: roofers who offer a warranty for a certain periof are more reliable than those who do not.
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