Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in the illegal settlement

Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in the illegal settlement

In the illegal settlement of Halamish, situated in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers have been seen using cigarettes to burn Palestinian children. They are not reacting to any violence or protests from these children burned and it is unclear what they were trying to do. The Israeli army has declined to comment on this issue which means that we can only speculate about their motives. Their actions have reportedly caused severe burns on one child’s face and arm but there is no information as to whether he was taken for medical attention. These events are a clear breach of international law and should be condemned by all sides in this conflict.

The presence of Israeli troops in the West Bank is against international law. The International Court of Justice delivered an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s construction of a wall inside the occupied Palestinian territory. This was done in 2004 and clearly stated that it was illegal to have troops in this region, which forms a significant part of Palestine. There is no justification for the Israeli army to be in this territory apart from carrying out attacks against Palestinians. This is a violation of international law and cannot be accepted.

Tortured Palestinian prisoner found in Israeli jail with 28 cigarette burns  on hands, chest and back – Mondoweiss

“Traumatic arrests”

“Israeli soldiers have a history of brutalizing Palestinian children during arrests, often involving violence and humiliation. The effects are long-lasting — these kids can be conditioned to confess more easily in interrogations afterward.”

Misk said that burning the child with cigarette butts is alarming because it’s another form of abuse they’re not just going after them for their confessions anymore – this time, there may still be physical evidence on hand at military police headquarters where allegations like these should be investigated.”

Israeli authorities unconditionally released Hendi and sentenced Mohammad to time served during pretrial detention. Ali remains in Israeli custody.

Israeli forces have already wrongfully detained two Palestinians from the West Bank this year with one being abused while in their care, according to a complaint filed by DCI-Palestine on February 21st for abuses committed against Hassan Mahdi Razouq at Ariel police station earlier this month. The other Palestinian was arrested last week but has not been identified yet as he is still undergoing interrogation at an unknown location within Israel’s borders; his name will be disclosed upon completion of interrogations if any charges are pressed against him or should it become necessary due to medical reasons that may arise over time after extended periods away from family.

In just a month, the Israeli Army has been caught on video kidnapping and beating Palestinian youths near the wall. As if that wasn’t enough, Human Rights Watch reported last week two more incidents in which children were ambushed by soldiers and shot to death for no apparent reason at all.

This is indicative of Israel’s absolute disregard for Palestinians’ lives – they are not only targeted while protesting or walking down streets but also randomly killed when attending school!

Defense for Children International-Palestine section says that there was an average of 203 children in Israeli detention during 2013, with a whopping 33% being between the ages 12 and 15. The most common charge is throwing stones, which can be punishable by up to 20 years according to Article 76 violating Fourth Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners (which states: “No protected person may be sentenced without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court.”)

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