cheapest travel spots country in the world

Cheapest travel spots country in the world

Friends, we put our souls on the site. Thanks for that That you discover this beauty. Thanks for the inspiration and goosebumps. Join us on Facebook and connect with lots of people who like to travel alone. They say that this way they can get to know the world and themselves better. And besides, you don’t have to fit in with anyone: if you want to lie on the beach all day and don’t want to go anywhere – please suddenly decide to go scouting the ruins – but at least for now! This is why this collection includes the 10 cheapest travel spots country in the world that have the highest scores in the Global Peace Index and the International Happiness Index. The website wishes you a memorable and pleasant trip.



The best way to experience Norway is to sail one of the steamers on the country’s coastline, passing through several beautiful fjords and stopping at dozens of seaports. Or rent multiple days along the fjord while staying in hotels and mountain huts. The answer light will be a bonus for you.



Equip yourself with some good mountaineering shoes and the go-ahead to explore Switzerland. Fortunately, the transportation structure is very advanced here, so there are trams, trains or steamers in every interesting place. Visit Zurich and then head south to Lake Geneva, Montreux, and the Lausanne coast, where you will find plenty of entertainment: restaurants, nightclubs, and luxury hotels.



Vietnam is full of colorful cities, rich markets, and smiling locals. A combined beach vacation with cognitive cans at the Fun Theater. This resort is one of the most interesting in Asia. But it is better to go to Hanoi for entertainment.


New Zealand

Natural stimuli, glaciers, rain, mountains – this place just seems to be magically simply remarkable landscapes recreated in Photoshop. You go and don’t believe that all this is real. Outdoor enthusiasts can try bungee jumping, boating, and hiking on Milford Track, one of New Zealand’s nine most popular and cheapest travel spots country in the world.



Small and compact, Vienna is one of the most suitable cities for a solo trip in Europe. Lots of concert halls, dozens of museums and cafes to stay. Salzburg, where Wolfgang Amadeus once lived, is smaller but less to visit. For the purest lakes and heated mineral springs, visit the charming Carinthia.



Spend a few days in the enchanting metropolis of Tokyo, take a high-speed train past Mount Fuji, and enjoy the serenity of old Kyoto. As for the number of attractions and museums, everything is in order here: Japan will find something to surprise even the most experienced tourists.



The Chileans are friendly and welcoming, which would be a big plus for single travel lovers. Chile has 3000 km of deserts, mountains, and endless coastline. You can go north of the magical Atacama Desert or south of Chile or the Patagonia Islands. It’s like visiting Santiago, Chile’s largest city. Chileans are very hospitable – so you can easily join a family barbecue and be part of the Chilean family for a while. Many travelers to the happiest country in the world have called it the most beautiful in the world. It is a favorite spot for surfing and river rafting. There are endless mountains with rare forests, numerous national parks, nature reserves. And volcanoes, exterior beaches of black and white sand, roaring waterfalls, and much more.



Temples, yoga on the beach, cheap food, accommodation, and massages. One of the favorite places for spiritual seekers. All these sands are the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. Instead of a coffee garden here, it has been replaced by an emerald square, the purest sacred lake – by a volcanic lake. If you prefer a more or less popular tourist destination, visit Lombok, an island off the coast of Bali.

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