Where to Watch Cartoon Shows for Free? Top 5 Sites

Who doesn’t love cartoons, right? They are a great way to relieve your stress and get lost in an entirely made-up world where anything is possible and where imagination rules everything else. No matter what your age group or interests are, cartoons can always offer you something to watch and spend your free time in a fun way. (Cartoon Shows)

When it comes to watching cartoons online for free, you find several streaming websites to choose from. Not all of these websites are good for you and there is plenty of evidence that suggests that finding a proper cartoon streaming site is not as easy as it sounds

But you don’t have to worry anymore. With our carefully prepared list of free online platforms, you can watch as many free cartoons as you want without having to worry about video quality.

  1. Nickelodeon

This classic streaming platform is best for streaming cartoons and other Nickelodeon shows in a very high video resolution. The site has an extremely interactive user interface. You can easily get your way around various sections of the platform and find the stuff that you are into.
This platform comes with a community chat forum where cartoon lovers from around the globe can interact with each other and connect in a friendly environment.You can also watch various teen sitcoms here as well. This way this platform gives you a whole package including a diverse cartoons library and a variety of other shows.

  1. KissCartoon

Kiss cartoon is among the top platforms for streaming cartoons as well as anime shows and movies. You can watch all the mainstream cartoons including Family guy, Rick and Morty, etc, and several classic anime such as Naruto, One Piece, DBS, etc.

This site has a huge fan base and offers the best streaming services including quick search options, community chat forum, search by title or genre, etc. Visit this platform for a secure, smooth and ad-free streaming experience.


Toonjet is a great platform for streaming mainstream anime and cartoons for free. The cartoons library of this platform is truly great where you can find adult, R-rated and educational cartoons, etc.
The site offers great video quality and also allows you to change video resolution depending upon your internet speed.
Toonjet has very few ads and annoying backlinks to interrupt your streaming and that is why you can have as much fun as you want without any hindrances.

  1. WatchCartoonOnline

This great site is a source of unlimited cartoons for people from all age groups. You can watch animated films and anime on this site as well. Watching cartoons gives you a very great user experience and pays extra attention to your online security.

The site is also updated often to add the latest content from the ongoing shows and newly released films.
This platform truly caters to your every need regarding online cartoon streaming. You get the best video quality, clean audio, filter search options, and a huge cartoon library all in one place.

  1. Cartoonito

This free online streaming platform is designed, keeping younger audiences in mind specifically. There are educational shows and games that your child can indulge in and have fun while learning something new and valuable.
The layout of the website is quite simple and is designed in a way that even very young users can understand it and start streaming their favorite shows.
This site in a similar way to the platform Movierulz, has very few ads and security risks.

The developers keep updating the site to make it risk-free and to add more and more recent content which shows how passionate they are about providing the best streaming services to their users.

Final Words

Finding the most suitable cartoon streaming platform is not so simple, especially if you approach it without considering important details. With the help of this article, you can get access to the best streaming platform with little to no effort on your part.
We have picked these sites since most users seem to appreciate their services and have only good things to say about them.
So, consider these platforms for better results and stay with us for more exciting stuff.

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