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Car Hacks That Will Save Your Life (And, Money!)

At Getpitstop, it’s no secret that the biggest life hack for your car is regular service and maintenance. However, we also understand that not all car hacks involve wheel alignments and oil changes.

When an owner spends a lot of time in his cars, things can get messy, broken, and even dangerous without maintenance. This is the reason we have compiled a list of top helpful car hacks that can help you stay sane and safe on the road.

Stay clean with a cereal box.

Garbage can pile up very quickly, especially for those who have family or love to take road trips. Cribs, wrappers, grocery bags and much more can end up covering the whole floor mats if we’re not careful.

By keeping a plastic cereal container in an accessible area of your car, you can use it as a designated garbage can. This way, all your garbage can accumulate in a single place, and it will be way easy to clean your car. It comes in a variety of sizes,  and the lid helps keep trash inside.

Check your tread with spare change.

Although this hack is a bit technical, it definitely comes in handy. At Getpitstop, we recommend replacing your tires when your treads are 4/32 of an inch or lower. Once they are below this point, they can present some serious safety concerns and it is time to call car service Bangalore.

Not sure if your tires make the cut?  Snag a coin and stick it in one of your treads with Ashoka’s bottom side first. If the head of the Ashoka symbol is visible while the coin is inside the tread, then it’s time to change the tyres.

How to safely and quickly cool the car

Surely everyone has experienced what it is like to get into a car hot in the sun. Naturally, everyone wants to turn on the air conditioner and cool the interior immediately. However, it is not the best idea. The cold air from the air conditioner increases the risk of people getting sick. Also, sudden changes in temperature are harmful to the interior plastic, windshield and especially increased fuel consumption.

To cool the interior without the troubles mentioned above, you can lower down the front windows and open and close the rear door from the opposite side multiple times. It will ventilate the interior and make it much more pleasant to be inside the car. Also, it’s best to turn on the car AC after 60km/h. At the speed below, it is more economical to drive with the window open.

How to extend the life of wipers

Some people have a misconception that wipers are not an important part of the car. However, this is only until the first trip in the rain happens. For prolonging the life of the wipers, you need to wipe the windshield and the wiper blades regularly.

If you are used to driving on dirt roads, it puts an increased load on the rubber of the brushes. This is why you should never turn on the wipers “dry”. In the event of snow, before parking the car, you must move the wipers to the raised position so that the brushes do not freeze.

Keep the pizza warm.

If your car comes with seat warmers, you’ll never arrive home with a cold pizza. So your go-to winter warmup strategy doubles as a food warmer. Just put your food in the passenger seat and turn on the seat warmer.

Manage clutter with a shower caddy.

If you have family and kids, taking long road trips can turn out to be a hassle if they’re not occupied. For solving this issue, snag a shower caddy or some backseat car organizer if you’re looking for something fancier. This way, backseat riders have a safe and accessible place to put toys, books, snacks, and electronics.

How to clean car headlights

At night, traffic safety directly depends on the headlights of the car. Meanwhile, over time, the headlights fade, covered with a layer of dirt and dust. In this case, a simple wash won’t help much. For saving on regular headlight cleaner, you can use toothpaste. For using this method, apply the paste to a dry cloth and wipe your headlight with it. Now, after a couple of minutes, you can easily rinse off the paste with warm water and polish the headlight.

How to open a frozen car

Most of the time, older cars do not have a central locking system. As a result, it becomes a rather annoying problem, especially for writers. Also, in severe frost, the keyhole tends to freeze, which makes getting inside the car problematic. Hand sanitizer or any other alcohol-based product can easily help open the car door. It should be sprayed on the key and inside the keyhole as much as possible. After a while, the alcohols will melt the ice, and the key will turn easily.

How to stop a crack in the windshield

A minute crack in the windshield can grow to an enormous size over time, eventually forcing you to replace the entire glass. To prevent this situation, it is necessary to stop the development of the crack as early as possible. It can be easily done with super glue.

To stop the crack, first, you should clean the damaged area thoroughly and then gently apply a few drops of glue to the crack itself and around it on both sides of the glass. The superglue will hold the crack, restricting it from growing in size. Clear nail polish can be used instead of glue but is less effective. In any case, both of these methods are only temporary salvation, and you need to call the best car service in Bangalore as soon as possible. 

While using the car, troubles can “pop up” every now and then, and random questions arise. Knowing some tricks and secrets, dealing with such problems will not be difficult. These car life hacks will make life much easier for the driver, saving him time and nerves. 

Need help with your car?

Above we have mentioned some minor problems you can face while using a car. However, not all the problems with your car can be fixed or addressed with a simple hack. If you face any problem, book a slot with Getpitstop, and our expert technicians will diagnose and repair any issue.

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