Cancer Diagnosis – How Family Should Control Their Emotions In Front Of Patient

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Having suffered from the loss of my dear aunt, who had breast cancer, I can totally relate to how helpless a family member can feel when the doctors tell you that recovery is nigh impossible. I loved my aunt dearly, and it pained me all the more to see her wither away with every passing moment.

While she fought for two years against this incurable ailment, I still remember her trying to keep a straight face in front of us even though her chemotherapy gave her tormenting agony.

According to a recent study by the National Cancer Institute, 1.8 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the US during 2020, with around 606,520 mortalities. According to recent studies, the most common cancers include breast cancer, lung & bronchus cancer, colon & rectum cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma of the skin, and leukemia, to name a few.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways a family should control their emotions in front of a cancer patient. 

1. Appetite and Nutrition Needs

One way to manage your emotions in front of cancer patients is to become preoccupied with their healthcare needs. For cancer patients, nutrition plays an integral role to help them fight back their ailments and stay strong throughout their treatment process. Clinical research supports a healthy intake of organically grown and harvested fruits and vegetables. 

Foods high in fiber, such as whole-grain bread, cereals, and pasta, are also good choices. Other than that, you should encourage cancer patients to eat lean meats such as lean beef, skinless poultry (chicken or turkey), and pork timed of fat. Lastly, you can also consider adding low-fat milk products into your daily dose or diet.

2. Day to Day Activities

Another way to keep you from losing self-control in front of cancer patients is to focus on developing a healthy daily routine for them. Here your main objective is to take things slow, one day at a time, and accomplish normalcy as much as possible. A daily routine for them should be about finding humor and laughing as well as enjoying things that are amusing for them. 

It can include watching movies, indoor games, doing extremely light household chores, and other things to make them feel connected. A healthy daily routine that is custom-made for cancer patients can help them foster a lot of willpower and self-esteem, which is extremely important for their recovery. It gives them the courage and the boost needed to fight their ailment.

3. Comfortable Sleep

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It is important that you keep a positive outlook on life regardless of whatever news you may have to embrace. Plus, making a cancer patient feel that you may have given up on them is the worst thing to do. So instead of looking at the gloomy side, you should focus entirely on their wellbeing and how things can be made comfortable for them. 

One of the best ways to do that is to help them find an ample amount of sleep time. Lack of sleep can make anyone feel fatigued and irritated, which is why sleep time is a must for cancer patients as it helps them relax and recharge their energy reserves. 

4. Hospice Care

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For terminally ill patients, hospice care is an extremely good option. It focuses on palliation, an interdisciplinary medical caregiving approach to optimize the quality of life and mitigate suffering among people with complex or serious illnesses. 

There are several hospice care service providers that specialize in dealing with cancer patients that you can search online or look for one in your local area or district. Hospice care for cancer patients centers on supportive care that can help prevent or find relief from symptoms as well as side effects from treatments and therapies. Hence the entire goal is to help patients live the rest of their life as well as possible.    

5. Personality & Mood Change

At times we simply cannot comprehend the amount of anguish the other person feels when they realize that life is being taken away from them and there is absolutely nothing that they can do to stop it. 

Therefore there is a high probability that cancer can cause patients to illicit strange moods and behavior. However, as a caretaker, it is your responsibility to understand and comprehend the situation. Even when things start to become ugly, you simply cannot let yourself lose your cool. 

Don’t give in to their sudden change in personality. In fact, stand by next to them to offer the support they rightly deserve. Cancer can cause patients to experience extreme emotions, and it’s without a doubt a life-changing experience. Therefore there is a high probability for them to go through an extraneous amount of anxiety, depression, and various forms of depression. Your responsibility is to remain calm and handle the situation cleverly.  

6. Prioritize Their Preferences

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While cancer patients may have the green signal to be as rowdy and emotional as they can be, you and your family members are on the opposite side of the spectrum. You need to prioritize their preferences at all times and make them feel good. 

If they want something changed in their room, setting, or the environment, then do the needful without hesitation. Make their lives as comfortable as possible while making sure that nothing harms them or spoils their day.  

7. Relaxation Techniques

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Helping your loved one cope with cancer is crucial. The air can get extremely tense around patients as their situation can be quite stressful for them and you both. Hence it is strongly advised that you not only enable them to relax but yourself as well to reserve energy levels throughout the day. Breathing exercises along with meditation can help a lot to reduce stress throughout your body and mind. 

8. Sharing and Talking Feelings

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When talking with cancer patients, it is vital that you’re mindful of your speech. You don’t want to alarm them or cause unnecessary distress that leaves them emotionally tangled or at unease. Plus you should consider encouraging the person to speak about their feelings and what they are thinking. 

This will allow them to unload in a safe environment where their privacy remains intact, and they trust you with their feelings. Mindful listening is a discipline that you can master where you listen to them without being judgmental about anything they say. At Assignment Assistance UK pupils are encouraged to share their troubles so that proper resolutions can be provided to them.

9. Social Interactions

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Healthy relationships are the foundation for good health and its promotion. However, socializing with cancer patients should be conducted with extreme care where they are not uneasy. It is a must that you keep all social interactions limited to the extent where it can hurt their feelings. I personally cried watching videos online of cancer patients getting their heads shaved and their caretakers shaving their heads as well to show support and love for their dear ones.  

10. Truthful Management of Pain

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It is a fact that cancer patients do suffer from agonizing pain. As a result, you should consider professional advice to follow adequate pain management plans with the help of proper guidelines and instructions from an expert in the medical field, such as an oncologist. Some patients try to hide their pain, and that is never a good sign. Enable them to openly and truthfully describe the pain they feel so proper care can be delivered to them. 


My aunt was a saint in life and an angel when she passed away. A sweet smile on her face and a gleaming face is all I remember of her when she was finally placed to rest. May her soul rest in peace and be granted a grand entrance at Heaven’s gate, for she had suffered more than her share in this world. Even today, I recall her kind personality and loving nature. 

As a family, we all did our best to stay lively in front of her and give our hearts out towards her medical care needs. I am sure she is watching me from up and above, smiling while I write this post all teary-eyed. To those who are reading this, I wish you all the best of health and willpower of steel to never give up and keep fighting the good fight. Cheers and BANZAI!

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