Can I recharge my mobile online through debit card?

Can I recharge my mobile online through debit card?

The days when we had to visit the nearby stores from our home to recharge our prepaid number is a story from the distant past. All thanks to the rise of the internet so that we can buy almost everything from the comfort of our home these days, including the next prepaid recharge packs. It just takes a few minutes to recharge your mobile number online if you do it from the right app or website. Make sure you have a reliable high-speed internet connection and a smartphone, and you are all set to go ahead with the process of online mobile recharge.

How do you make payment for the recharge?

Making payment for your online recharge is as easy as choosing a plan. However, first, you need to decide which mode of payment you are going to use. If you are a novice, you are suggested to use your debit card. Your mobile recharge can be done through your debit card in a very safe and secure way. If you are doing it for an Airtel number, the foremost thing you need to is to install the Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone. You can log in to the App by providing your phone number and then entering the OTP that you receive on the same number. Now you need to follow the below process step-by-step to carry out the recharge. The steps are as follows:

    • You need to login to the Airtel Thanks App
    • You have to click on the ‘Recharge’ tab and it has to be followed by selecting the ‘Mobile Recharge’ option
    • Now very carefully enter the number that you mean to recharge
    • The next step includes entering the operator
    • Now click on ‘Pay Now’
    • This is the step where you have to choose the mode of payment. Although there are several of them, you can simply choose a Debit card
    • Enter your debit card details, which may include your 14 digit number mentioned on your debit card and the CVV number that you can find at the back of the same card
    • Now you will receive an OTP on the number which is linked with the bank account
    • You have to enter the OTP and your online mobile recharge is done.

As you recharge your phone number via any other app, you can still use your Debit card. However, doing it through Airtel Thanks App has its own benefits as you can even enjoy the cashback with every recharge. Airtel Thanks App offers great cashback with each recharge you carry out. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Apart from cashback, you can also enjoy various benefits that come with many Airtel prepaid plans. Now, you need to install the App on your phone and register to it, so that you start looking for the apt recharge plan. Also, make sure the Debit card you are going to use has its KYC done so that you can receive the OTP on your phone number. The Airtel Thanks App is considered one of the safest online apps for carrying out a mobile recharge and therefore you do not have to be concerned about the security of your debit card while using it.

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