Blue Star AC Buying Guide: Split AC or Window AC Which One Should You Choose?

As time passes, each year, a new personal high is recorded for the heat waves around us. We all experience the tiring heat and rising temperatures that wear us out easily and leave us exhausted. The only way to beat the sun and the humidity is the cold recluse of air conditioners. They provide ready respites from the heat with nothing but a click of a remote. 

But choosing the ideal air conditioner for you and your family is a hard task, and the endless options all around us only serve to confuse us more. So how to know what to buy when you’re going shopping for an AC? Here you will get detailed information about both split ACs, and window ACs. 

What are split ACs and window ACs?

Split ACs are air conditioners made out of two separate units (indoor and outdoor) and are better suited for cooling large areas. Window ACs are of a single unit and cool comparatively smaller areas. A Split AC does not make noise. However, it is a bit high maintenance. A window AC is a bit noisy. But it is very low maintenance. A split AC will require a larger area to be set up compared to window AC and is higher in price. 

Owing to all these factors, like price, space requirement, energy consumption, efficiency, cooling capacity, and service, you can compare both ACs to your own ideal expectations and buy accordingly. It’s advisable that if buying for a large room of a family of 3-4 people, one should opt for the split AC while if it’s a smaller unit for 1-2 people then a window AC would be ideal. 

The best split AC models available right now in the market

  • The Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split ACoffers features like Turbo Cool, iFeel Technology, 2 Way Auto Swing, Hidden Display, Self Clean Technology, Self Diagnosis, Smart Detect Technology, Comfort Sleep, Anti Corrosive Blue Fins for Protection, Energy Saver and High Cooling Performance. This Blue Star Air Conditioner also comes with a 1 year warranty and additional offers regarding discounts, EMI/Cashback options as well as installation services at a highly reasonable price. 
  • The BLUESTAR 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC presents to its customers features like iFeel Technology, R32 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, Turbo Cool, Gold fin Protection, Stabilizer Free Operation, Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, and Smart Detect Technology. This split AC is a complete package with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, several discounts, and desired EMI/Cashback offers at any online or offline retail store, as well as an affordable price you cannot resist. 

The best window AC models available in the market right now

  • The BLUESTAR 1.5 Ton 5 Star GBT Series Window AC provides consumers with unique features like High Energy Efficiency Rotary Compressor, R32 Eco Friendly Refrigerant, Smart Detect Technology, Comfort Sleep, 4 Cooling Modes, and Auto Restart with Memory Function. This Blue Star Air Conditionerhas a 1 year manufacturer warranty, offers additional installation services at a quite cheap extra cost besides its extremely nominal price and lays out attractive discounts and EMI/Cashback offers at both online and offline retail stores affiliated with every bank. 
  • Another excellent choice for a Blue Star Air Conditionerwould be the BLUESTAR 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC with features like High Energy Efficiency Rotary Compressor, R32 Eco Friendly Refrigerant, Smart Detect Technology, Comfort Sleep 4 Cooling Modes and Auto Restart with Memory Function. It would be a beneficial purchase owing to this AC’s 1 Year manufacturer warranty, it’s exclusive discounts offered at online and offline retail stores and the additional installation services it provides the customers at an extremely modest budget. 


Choosing an AC is a tough task. You need to check out each small detail before making the purchase. From the ton to the star rating everything is important in an AC. Both window and split AC’s offer big benefits. You need to choose wisely. The selection depends on your requirement.

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