Best Ideas for Using Decorative Laminates in Interior Design

Your home décor is the expression of the artist inside you. So, if you’re wondering about how you can enhance the beauty of your living space, you are more than likely to come across a wide variety of laminates. Today, decorative laminates have become very popular in the world of interior design because they not only add elegance, but also ensure the protection of the furniture in your living space. Being the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche offers a wide range of laminates in different colours, textures, and designs that are meant to take your interior decoration to the next level.

Read on to know more about the different uses of laminates that will help you narrow down your choices for home decoration.

Choose laminates based on their functionality

If the area in your home where the laminates will be used is prone to wear and tear, consider using a high-pressure laminate.

Besides, you can use high gloss laminates for your kitchen cabinets rather than on areas where metal finish or matte laminates would look better.

Pick laminates that don’t overshadow other elements of your home décor

This factor is certainly important for living room and bedroom spaces where visual appeal plays a significant role in the overall interior decoration. Hence, choose laminates wisely so that it blends seamlessly in texture and colours with other aspects of your home décor. Mainly, the wall colour, the furniture, and the colour of the curtain should be in harmony with the laminate colour and design to create an aesthetic appeal and a statement of art.

One can also mix and match different laminate designs to create a unique appeal for your interior decoration. For instance, combining solid colour laminates with wooden textured ones adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall décor.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is the most essential aspect of interior decoration. If there is less amount of light in your living space, it is advisable to use decorative laminate sheets that come in light shades. The benefit of using light colour laminate is they scatter the light in a room better than solid colour laminates. Laminate with golden hues makes a room appear bright while warm earthy tones reduce the glow of warm accent lights.


Laminate do not demand high maintenance. Minimum upkeep is all it needs to shine throughout the year. Maintenance of laminate is actually easy because all you need is a soft cloth and mild soapy water to remove stains and spillages from the surface. Also, regular dusting with a soft fabric keeps it clean throughout the year.

Even though you’re ready to invest in laminates for the interior decoration of your home, make sure to consider the following facts while choosing laminate.

Tips to consider before buying laminates:

  • Glossy laminate sheets are likely to show fingerprints when exposed to light.
  • Matte finish laminate textures are ideal for places that are prone to high traffic.

A great advantage of Royale Touche laminate is they are available in an array of colours, textures, and designs. Thus, making it easy for homeowners to improve their interior décor without limiting themselves to any condition. Laminates are also scratch-resistant and moisture resistant that protect furniture from any kind of damage Learn More

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