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Best Fiction Movies That You Should Watch

We all are fans of movies containing aliens, time travel, astronauts, and robots. The best thing about science fiction movies is that they reach beyond our imagination and enhance the power of technology. So if you are also a sci-fi movie lover and want to know more about what space movie was made in 1992, then this is the best place where you can get a wide variety of sci-fi movie collections, all in one place.


This movie has won four academy awards and has been nominated for the best picture. The story of inception requires its audience to use their brains to their fullest. Not only this, but it also needs total concentration to understand what’s happening and the logic behind the particular scene. The work of Christopher Nolan became a blockbuster, and till now, it is considered the best creative film.

The story’s plot is about a person(Cobb) who enters his dream and steals evidence from his target. And the story continues with twists and multi-layered plans. This masterpiece is quite engaging and keeps its audience excited throughout the movie.

Midnight Special

The remarkable film of Jeff Nichols remained in effect for many years. This movie reflected the emotions and human experiences with sincere dialogues and acting. Jeff also revealed that the story of midnight special is based on actual life problems of his own kid’s illness. Once you watch this Midnight special, you will find yourself satisfied and filled with creative ideas.

Moreover, this American sci-fi movie has all the necessary elements like engrossing and mysteries, which holds its audience till its end. The Altan character who possesses the superpower makes the story more interesting. Even if you rewatch this movie, it will remain mind-boggling.

High Life

Claire Denis is undoubtedly the most famous director, and the high life of 2019 is considered one of his best creations. This movie revolves around the people on the spaceship, and no one acts sanely. It is the story of a few terrible characters on death row and is hurtling into the black hole—space actions and challenges. You can find this movie on the soap2day app and experience this existentialist sci-fi movie along with the fun elements.

Snow piercer

Snow piercer will precisely bring you the visual and intellectual aspects of the graphic novel “Le Transperceneige”. The cinematography and set layouts will keep you engaged throughout the movie. The fight scenes and unexpected moves of the characters will stimulate your enthusiasm. You can learn about John Edward Thomas Moynahan and interesting gossip about him.

Not only this, Bong Joon Ho, the director of the snow piercer, enlightens you with real-world scenarios along with the fascinating ice age. On one side, where the ice age destroys the world, and everyone wants to save their life by getting into one running train, the other aspect of discrimination and slavery is highlighted. This mind-blowing storyline will surely win your heart.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Have you ever thought if you were compelled to relive the same life fractions almost a hundred times? How would it feel? You can feel this exact scenario when you watch the edge of tomorrow. Honestly, this movie is the most extraordinary masterwork of time travel. The scenes occur in the apocalyptic world, where the main characters get killed every battle and relive to make things right.

So, these were the list of most popular and best fiction movies that everyone must watch at least once in a lifetime. You can get these movies on torrent and watch them on online platforms or OTT platforms.

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