Best Credit Cards in India in May 2021 – Apply Instantly Online

The credit card industry has witnessed a surge in popularity in India, with around 60 million credit cards in use. With the Reserve Bank of India stipulating new terms of use for consumers, giving a host of security features to cards, Indians find that credit cards are convenient and safe. 


Besides this, customers have discovered that some of the best credit cards in India offer rewards and perks via their use. For instance, many credit cards like the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Card offer discounts when you shop on the Amazon portal.


 Apart from deals on the portal, shopping cards give you additional discounts and cashback offers.“Buy now, pay afterwards” is the new-age Indian consumer’s mantra. Nowadays, people from small urban areas are also opting for credit cards, realizing that it offers greater convenience. 


What Top Cards Offer


It’s important to know about the general advantages of a credit card before you get one. Firstly, affordability becomes a simple and stress-free process, and if you’re a salaried person, paying credit card bills on time shouldn’t be an issue. 


A credit card is a small plastic card that offers you the luxury of buying goods and services on credit. From the time of the first purchase of your billing cycle, you will have about a month to forty-five days to pay the bill. You must make timely payments (before a specified due date) in order to prevent being charged interest, or having to pay a late payment fee. 


Every credit card comes with a cash limit, beyond which you cannot spend. For instance, premium credit cards offered to high-net worth individuals have high cash limits, as card issuers are confident they will settle bills regularly.


 Cards such as these have higher reward points, and higher joining and annual fees as well, like the SBI Card Elite with a joining fee of 4,900 INR and an annual fee of 4,999 INR. Similarly, the HDFC Bank Diners Black Card comes with an annual fee of 5,000 INR. These are some of the best credit cards in India, offering users perks like dining discounts. 


Online Application and Instant Approval


In May 2021, you can apply for a good credit card online. Credit cards are issued by banks, and financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv in partnership with banks. All you have to do to apply for any credit card is log on to the card issuer’s website. A menu-driven process leads you to fill in your basic details, and you can get approved instantly. Provided you have physical documents like salary statements, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card and income tax returns (in some cases) for verification, you can get your credit card quickly and avail the advantages of a credit card. 


The Best Indian Credit Cards


When you opt for a credit card, choose one that suits your purchase needs. For instance, today, some of the best fuel credit cards you can use are the Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card or the HDFC Bank Business Moneyback Credit Card, giving you up to 5x rewards on fuel payments. If you use your vehicle frequently, these perks can help you save money. Here are some of the best Indian credit cards you can get today.


  • Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard – This is one of the best credit cards currently available, and offers multiple benefits. It can be used as a cash card and an EMI card. You can also get loans for up to 90 days at a nominal interest rate of 1.16% per month, while you can also save up to 55,000 INR annually with this card.


  • Yatra SBI Credit Card – If you are a frequent traveller, this card offers great discounts on flight tickets and hotel bookings across India.


  • IndianOil Citi Credit Card – With huge cashback offers on fuel spends at IndianOil outlets, this credit card also gives you discounts on products related to vehicles.


  • Axis Bank Neo Credit Card – You get 5% cashback on certain online shopping purchases, as well as on purchases in EMIs. Besides this, you get offers on hotel bookings and movie tickets. 


  • Citibank Rewards Credit Card – Citibank cards give you substantial rewards when you shop online or offline, and interest-free EMIs on certain product/brand purchases. 


  • HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Card – Offering you free lounge access and discounts/miles on air travel, this is a great card for frequent fliers.
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