Benefits of Digital Marketing Course and Future Job Opportunities

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course and Future Job Opportunities

Nowadays, everyone is using the internet either for surfing or shopping online. Due to the large population available on the internet thus, businesses are taking this opportunity in their favor by creating their online presence and expanding their customer reach. Moreover, companies are also making digital marketing their primary source of marketing. As it is a cost-effective way of marketing, can reach out to their desired target audience, and analyze and optimize the findings for better future results. Hence, there is a rise in the demand for digital marketing experts with good experience and skills. And due to the rise, there is also a huge demand for the digital marketing course.

However, it is estimated that the digital marketing industry will provide more than 20 lakh jobs in the coming years. Therefore, this is the best time to make a successful career in this rapidly growing field by learning a digital marketing course after the 12th.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing and its Fields

Digital Marketing is a modern form of marketing done on the internet. Internet marketing helps you promote your business, sale, and purchase of products and services through a few clicks only. Moreover, there are many channels to promote or advertise, market products and services. Some of the channels are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Designing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • SMS Marketing, etc.

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  • Which is the Best Institute for Learning Digital Marketing?

  • It is better to enroll in a digital marketing course for an Online or Offline batch, whichever suits you more comfortably. However, in today’s time, the best way to learn digital marketing is by joining a digital marketing online course. In this manner, you can manage both college and your digital marketing course. Likewise, there are many digital marketing institutes in India to learn internet marketing. But according to our research, one of the best institutes to provide a digital marketing online course in India is Quibus Trainings. Moreover, Quibus is also the best digital marketing institute for an offline/classroom course in Jaipur. Doing an online digital marketing course from Quibus Training gives you many benefits. Such as 100% practical training, live interactive classes, backup class facility, online student support, 13+ internationally recognized certifications, six months internship opportunities, and learning from the best industry trainer. You will also learn the tips and tricks which the experts use. If you have planned to enter the digital marketing world and make a successful career in digital marketing. In that case, joining a digital marketing course can help you in many ways in your digital marketing journey.
  • Benefits to do Digital Marketing Course

  • Reasons to do digital marketing course
  • There are many reasons to choose digital marketing as the best option after 12th or graduation. And major of them are mentioned below:

    1. No Entry-Level Exam

    Unlike other career fields, digital marketing has no competitive exam that you need to pass to take a digital marketing course for your successful career.

    As digital marketing is a certificate course and has no entry-level exam, thus anyone who has basic computer knowledge can enroll in this cost-efficient course. Moreover, this course best suits students after 12th, graduates, job seekers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.

    Today, thousands of students are taking educational loans from banks to continue their further studies. But you don’t need any loan to study digital marketing, as it is an affordable and cost-effective course. The price for an excellent digital marketing course from the best institutes can start from as low as 20,000/-.

    2. Learning Part-Time

    If you want to continue studying for your higher-level studies and learn new skills, then learning digital marketing is the best choice. As per the study, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand skills to learn in today’s time. And adding this skill to your portfolio will help you in your career. After learning this skill, you can do a part-time job or start with some freelancing projects for some financial support. But all this can be done once you are well aware of the digital marketing course.

    Taking an Online digital marketing course is best for you as it doesn’t waste your time traveling and other activities, and you can learn this online Course anywhere.

    3. Short Duration

    Digital marketing is a short-term duration of 3 to 6 months course. After completing the course, you can join an Internship in digital marketing to learn the advanced level to become an expert and make a successful career in internet marketing.

    By the time you complete your graduation or post-graduation, you are in a much better place than them. You’re a mid-level executive with 3 to 4 years of experience and good pay. Hence, by learning this skill, you can start your professional career much before other career fields. Such as doctor, engineer, CA, etc.

    4. Good Scope in Future

    According to top international consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers, India needs 2 million digital marketers by 2022 to support the increasing country’s eCommerce industry and other services. Hence, this is the best time to go for a digital marketing course and make a successful career in this in-demanding field.

    5. International Certifications

    An excellent digital marketing course will help you to get internationally recognized certifications. And to earn these certificates, one has to appear for several online exams conducted by Facebook, Google, and other famous internet giants.

    Hence, once you earn these certificates, you can work with national and international clients. You can even make your dream come true by working with industry giants.

    6. Work With Different Industry

    As everything is getting digitalized, thus, digital marketing is required to promote its services and products online. Hence, as a digital marketer, you can work with different industries like banks, eCommerce, healthcare, travel and tourism, food and beverages, government departments, hospitality, home improvement, and other sectors.

    Digital Marketing helps all types of industries and businesses to get ahead of their competitors and gain more customers.

    7. Work as a Freelancer or Launch Your Website

    If you do not wish to work in a company or for others or work part-time to meet your daily expenses, you can opt for Freelancing. Not every business can afford big agencies or in-house marketers to work for them but want to outsource digital marketing services. Hence, you can offer your digital marketing skills. As a freelancer, you can work as a Content writer, SEO executive, SMM executive, Web designer, Web developer, etc., and you can earn handsomely.

    Moreover, as a freelancer, you do not need any office. You can do the tasks in the comfort of your home. The only things you require to do are a laptop, a good high-speed internet connection, and digital marketing skills.

    If you are creative and ambitious and want to start something own. In that case, you can create your website for guest blogging services, vlogging, start an eCommerce online store, be a creator on YouTube, and be an influencer on social media platforms. You can even be an Affiliate Marketer.

    8. Continuous Learning and Experimental Field

    Due to the digitalization and advancement of science thus, there is a continuous change in technology and related fields. Hence, digital marketing is also an ever-changing field requiring continuous learning to keep up with the changes.

    Marketing is an experimental field, and you need to do experiments to get the desired results. Similarly, in digital marketing also, one has to do experiments to get the desired results. i.e., to get the web page/s on number 1 position in SERPs, get more followers on social media platforms, get more views on YouTube video, or get more clicks and impressions through ads.

    In Brief, continuous learning will help you educate the new updates and trends about digital marketing. To check whether the update or trend is beneficial for you or not, you can incorporate the updates and trends on your project/s to see the results.

    9. Multiple Specializations

    Digital marketing is a very vast field In which you can do specialize in more than one field. Moreover, an excellent digital marketing course will train you in multiple domains like – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, Analytics, Content Writing, Analytics, and more.

    After doing the specialization, you can opt for any above fields to pursue your digital marketing career. As per the study, the ultimate areas for a digital marketing career are SEO, SMM, Data Analytics, PPC, Content Writing, etc., but you can always choose your desired specialization field anytime. You can even select more than two fields for specialization to boost your success.

    10. Opportunity to Become Influencer

    As discussed in the seventh point, if you are a content creator or an artistic person, or like to travel, you can become an influencer with good speaking and writing skills. Digital Marketing Course will help you polish your technical skills and help you promote your Blogs, Vlogs, and YouTube channel.

    These are the things that make you an influencer or an online celebrity through social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

    By becoming an online influencer, you have a chance to earn a good amount of money, and it’s also possible to become an online celebrity.

    11. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a part of marketing in which one website promotes other brands’ products and services, and in return, the referring website earns money through commissions from their referrals. Hence, affiliate marketing is one such field that will allow you to make money even when you’re sleeping or doing some other work. You can do affiliate marketing through blogs or videos, social media, or sharing links. You can make a handsome amount of money through this type of marketing.

    12. Lifelong Skill

    Digital Marketing is a lifelong skill, and it will never get outdated. But, it is a constantly changing field. Hence it would be best to keep updating your knowledge from time to time. As digital marketing is a rapidly growing field globally, you need to practice all the learnings to enhance your skills effectively continuously. These skills are very effective and crucial in one’s successful digital marketing career.

    As you can see from the above reasons, other professional courses don’t provide many benefits, such as digital marketing. Hence, it’s the right time to take a digital marketing course and make a successful career in this field.

    Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

    People like you and I always rely on the internet and digital channels to find products or services. Therefore for businesses, it is necessary to build an excellent online presence. So, to maintain their online reputation. Hence, enterprises need digital marketers, and below are digital marketings jobs that you can do after doing the digital marketing course: –

    • SEO Executive
    • SEO Manager
    • Content Writer
    • Content Marketer
    • Market Research Analyst
    • PPC Search Manager
    • Ecommerce Manager
    • Email Marketer
    • Social Media Executive
    • Social Media Manager
    • Digital Marketing Executive
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Freelancer
    • Influencer
    • Affiliate Marketer, etc.


    The COVID-19 pandemic and dependency on digital technologies have changed the marketing world. Digital Marketing made things easy for business visibility and has also changed the way of traditional marketing to digital. Therefore, in the coming years, digital marketing will be the best marketing platform for every type of business. Hence, there will be high job opportunities in the digital marketing field.

    Moreover, if you want to make a successful career in this booming field, this is the right time to learn digital marketing skills. Likewise, suppose you reside in Jaipur and looking for a digital marketing course. In that case, Quibus Trainings is the best institute that can help you become a pro in Digital Marketing.

    Nonetheless, there are many benefits of joining this course mentioned above. However, to make a successful digital marketing career, you need to make sure that you grasp every aspect of internet marketing and all its related fields.

    FAQs on Digital Marketing Course

    Q.1 Which is the best mode for a digital marketing course? Online mode or offline mode?

    Ans – It’s better to go for an online digital marketing course by looking at the present scenario. Choosing an online course will allow you to focus on further studies and digital marketing courses. Also, you will save time and money on traveling.

    Q.2 Can I do a digital marketing course after the 12th?

    Yes, after the 12th class, anyone can do a digital marketing course. As you have read above, you will get many benefits after doing a digital marketing course.

    Q.3 What are the eligibility criteria for doing a digital marketing course?

    Ans – Candidate must be 12th passed to take the digital marketing course. There are no percentage-related entrance exam criteria to make a digital marketing career.

    Q.4 What is the fee for the after 12th digital marketing course?

    Ans – Average fees for a Good Online marketing Course starts from Rs. 20,000/-

    Q.5 How long is a diploma in digital marketing?

    Ans – Digital Marketing course is a certificate course equivalent to a diploma course. Moreover, it is a  3 to 6 months course.

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