In this article we will discuss about a French bulldog. We will do our best to describe a very popular breed and one of the funniest capable to make you laugh at the goofy and clown like nature the French Bulldog.


Do you consider this a breed for you?

French bulldog’s important descendant is the English white terrier. The first French bulldogs or Frenchie’s as they are commonly called have their roots all the way from England. In the 1860s small toy bulldogs were carried to Normandy by English lace makers aimed the industrial revolution and their furry companions were originally very popular.

According to a top dog walking company in San Francisco “In France the dogs were bred with French Terriers to become the French bulldog we know today. The breed became popular with Persian women who praised their fat-like ears. Later at the end of the 19th century American fanciers created the very first French bulldog club.”

French bull dogs are small dogs. They have a more muscular build and a large bone structure. French bulldog stocky frame has them weighing in at 18 to 30 pounds at 13 to 16 inches tall.

If we take a look at their heads Frenchie’s are known for their heads. Frenchie’s are known for their distinctive that like, is that a moderate in size and stand erect on their square shaped heads.

They also have an extremely short nose broad nostrils and a distinctive line between them.

The French bulldog is a Brachycephalic breed. Their tiny nostrils long palettes and narrow trachea make them incapable of inhaling enough air to cool off their bodies. That’s why you need to act very quickly with this breed while going for a walk during the summer season. Buying self cooling pads and other cooling items can help a lot in dealing with this issue. Frenchie’s come in a wide palette of colors such as fawn, brindle, pied, cream, or black.

This breed is fairly low maintenance when it comes to grooming because of their short hair. They are dogs that don’t have a solid smell except when they begin to make a challenge of tooting. For a similar reason these are dogs that can be delicate to chills and that we should take care to secure.

Frenchie’s have moderate to low needs of exercise because of their flatter faces we mentioned earlier, these dogs suffer from respiratory issues if they are submitted to excessive levels of exercise, especially on hotter days.

It’s almost ironic that these dogs have high levels of energy. So what you can do is to play fetch or go for a walk or even a run with your French bulldog, but pay attention to their breathing and stay sharp in case you hear their breathing increasing in speed.

As a result of their squad frame and bulbous head French bulldogs can’t swim. So pool owners should keep a watchful eye on their pups. We are 100% serious when we say this pay close attention. Your French bulldog can drown within a seconds if they fall into water above their heads. That said French dog can be taught how to swim while wearing a well fitted lifejacket or life vest.

Note well this requires 100% constant supervision while Boston Terriers enjoy all kinds of activities, French bulldogs don’t and they aren’t that excited to jump or run a walk or a hike will do the trick for your Frenchie.

The average lifespan of a French bulldog is around 10 years. They are short muzzles make them prone to respiratory problems and they are at risk of heart stroke in hot weather. French bulldogs are prone to cataracts, seizures, and may suffer from allergies and deafness. Other problems include issues with their eyes, heart, back, and they can suffer from obesity if overfed and under exercised.

While it may not necessarily be a health concern, this breed is known as a loud snorer, will warn you it can be very unpleasant.

French bulldogs have friendly strong personalities. They like to clown around and make excellent companions for anyone who decides to adopt one of them. Plus Frenchie’s love being the center of attention. So if you are a parent of a very young child, you should introduce your puppy to that young family member. Since these dogs are social animals they can also act jealous if they become neglected.



If you are a person who won’t be spending too much time out of the house, and doesn’t spend a lot of time exercising and you don’t mind taking an occasional walk, but always have time to goof around and act dumb alongside your dog. The French bulldog is just perfect for you.


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