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Artificial intelligence will define the future of Google. For now, this is a management challenge.

Alphabet Inc. Guga 3.52% CEO Sundar Pichai has invested billions of dollars to embed technology in the individual departments of the company and has placed a big bet on artificial intelligence as the future center of this company. Now, this is one of his strategic challenges.

In the most high-profile case

In the most high-profile case, he criticized the agency’s approach to AI after he began studying with Google AI’s top researcher Timnit Gabru last month and talking to colleagues about his various endeavors. His research concludes that Google did not take enough care to install such powerful technology and was concerned about the environmental impact of creating supercomputers.


Jeff Dean, envisioned here in 2018, said he decided Timnit Zebra’s examination was inadequately thorough. Photo: Thomas Samson / Agency France-Press / Getty Images
Mr. Pichai promised to investigate the situation surrounding his departure and said he wanted to regain confidence. Mrs. Gabru’s boss, Jeff Dean, told staff that he determined his research was insufficiently rigorous.
Nearly 200,000 Google employees have signed a public letter calling for Mess Gabru’s departure to “bring danger to people working for ethics and fair AI across Google – especially black people and people of color.”

Ideal carrier for ethical AI

Google has tried to position itself as the ideal carrier for ethical AI. Commenting on the Brussels Think Tank last year, Mr. Pichai said: “This is an example of the whole history of how technology does not guarantee.” Although AI has promised many benefits for Europe and the world, there are real concerns about the potential negative consequences. “

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The pressure to shift to a second Google acquisition has also added to its management challenges.
Deepmind, which Google bought in 2014, has hired an outside law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations. At the end of 2019, Mr. Suleiman was transferred to the Google AI team for a separate executive role.

Google confirmed

In a joint statement, Deepmind and Google confirmed the investigation into Mr. Suleiman’s behavior and declined to say what it found. The statement said that as a result of the investigation.
In light of an inquiry from the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Suleiman said he “accepted the idea that as co-founder of Deepmind, I had driven people too hard and sometimes my style of management was not constructive.” “I sincerely apologize to the victims,”   he added.
According to current and former employees, a tweet from Mr. Deal welcomed him to his new role at Google, as Google annoyed some deep-minded employees by hiring Mr. Suleiman for a high-profile role.

Struggled to meet financial

Deepmind has struggled to meet financial expectations. The unit suffered a loss of 9 649 million in 2019, according to a filing filed in the United States last month. The filing indicates that over the same period, Google has forgiven the unit more than 1 1 billion.
Google has tried to create a wide range of surveillance of its artificial intelligence projects with mixed success at various times. Deepmind’s independent review board, which means sorting out unit verifications and producing an official annual report, gives Deepmind incomplete access to research and strategic planning right after what the board members said.

Created by Google

Months later, an external AI policy council created by Google was disbanded a week later, following an employee appeal and other protests about right-risk board members. A Google representative said at the time that the organization would “discover approaches to get outside criticism on these issues.”
Google’s artificial intelligence effort dates back at least a decade, and the region has been under a single division since 2001 under Mr. Dean. Mr. Pichai said at the announcement of the new structure this year that the AI   company would focus on AI pioneers known as computing machine learning – as well as threads and techniques across the company.
Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington, says.  Google is well aware of the many disadvantages associated with AI. He recalls John Hennessy, chairman of the board of directors. Describing his greatest fears in a chat several years ago as the search giant intensified his push on the field.
Mr. Dominguez said Mr. Hennessy had told him that Google would be blamed if AI or even other companies did something wrong.

Probably correct

According to Mr. Domingo, Mr. Hennessy said, “We are far from what comes out of our mouths.” Mr. Hennessy said he could not recall the features of the conversation but said Mr. Domingos’s memory was probably correct.
The first Mistop came in 2015 when several Black Google users were surprised to find it. A human album based on skin color based on artificial intelligence technology.
Google has apologized and resolved the issue and has publicly doubled its internal security commitments to ensure its software is ethically programmed.

He was often one of the hundreds of AI research producers with academic institutions. Unlike Google’s other engineers, the AI   group has acted as an academic department – arranging debates on issues bigger than problem-solving products.
Reuters later reported that Google had begun a review of sensitive issues before Mrs. Zebru left, and in at least three cases asked employees not to disclose her technology in a negative light. Google declined to comment.
Google says its artificial-intelligence advances have helped create faster and more accurate search results – as well as more relevant ads.
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