Are White Marble Countertops Better to Consider?

Are White Marble Countertops Better to Consider?

Marble has been used for the home and other building materials as countertops, floors, and other surface areas for decades. So, it extracts from Carrara Mountain, Italy in the second century. It is also famous for its long life. As it is mine from the Carrara so it’s one type which is popular for white beauty also known as Carrara marble or white marble. We have many completed iconic projects of white marble which are still famous for their long-lasting beauty like the Parthenon and Taj Mahal.

You perhaps find these marble countertops and tabletops in hotels and restaurants. Now other shops like bars, ice cream shops also consider them because they enhance the beauty and provide an esthetic appeal to space. They are available in many designs, styles, and you can also have one according to your taste.  If you are confused about them for your kitchen and bathroom selection. You should stay here and follow these considerations so that you can make sure if it’s the right decision or not. 

Pros and Cons of White Marble Countertops

  • Types of white Marble you should know
  • For which area can you consider them? 
  • Your routine matters
  • Maintenance of white Marble countertops
  • Trending Myths and Facts

Types of white Marble you should know:

If you are selecting white marble, you should know how many types of white marble exist. You may think there is one which is known as white marble or maybe you think marble comes in the white color which is using as the countertop’s material. But there are two types of white marble. One is Carrara and the other is Calacatta.

Carrara Marble is greyish in shade with soft and linear veining existing on its surface.

They are less expensive and in a wide range available in the market. 

Calacatta marble is white bright with dramatic heavy veins. You do not find them easily. Also, they are much more expensive as compared to Carrara.

Both are natural stones so they both need sealing for a proper finish. Polish makes them glossy and shiny for an attractive look. Proper sealing makes them prone to stains, scratches, and moisture so after that, they become ideal for the kitchen.

For which area can you consider them? 

White Marble is well known for its uniqueness and long-lasting property. If you install proper seal white marble in your home space they will go for a long time and give your space an esthetic appeal. You can consider white marble as a kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower and bathtub walls, kitchen backsplashes, and bathroom floors

Your routine matters:

If you will install white marble countertops for your kitchen it does not mean you are free of your duty. White counters give your kitchen an appearance of luxury and enhancement only if you care for them regularly. If you can maintain them, look after them after completing the kitchen tasks then go with white counters. On the flip side, if you are a busy person and do not have enough time to clean them regularly, you are in the right place. 

because if you install them and forget to wash their spills daily, there may be chances of acidic nature items like wine, marinara sauce, lemons, and blueberries juice leave the stains which later do not get rid of. It will unconsciously cause damage to your tops. So, make it aware that your lifestyle matters so invest according to your living routine. 

Maintenance of white Marble countertops: 

Apart from cleaning your marble top with mild detergent to prevent stains and etching, seal them properly and use marble countertops cleaners which are available in the market. Sealing does not mean the sealer protects your marble from everything. It gives extra time to wipe up acidic materials before they damage the exterior of the top. If you get any spot on the surface then use spray cleaners which are available in the market for all-natural stones. 

Use the cutting boards, not the direct surface to cutwork, and do not put heavy material like appliances on their surface. Because they get cracked and scratch easily. Do not worry about minor scratches or etchings because they can get rid of by buffing the surface. Buffing gives a newer appearance to the marble. With the right care, marble can become perfect for homes. 

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Trending Myths and Facts:

Some of the myths also exist about the white marble-like marble is not good material for the kitchen because they get etch when coming to the kitchen surface also, they are prone to staining but the high sealed harder marble is etching resistant also if you continue its maintenance process there is no chance of etching. Sealing is counter’s insurance policy offering a chance to perform fall clean-up. 

Another myth is they are out of cost and the fact is, due to the modern production technique they are mining from a wide range of locations worldwide. So, they are quarrying in a huge amount so they now come in a range of budgets. In minor cases, they may be expensive. The most famous myth is that natural stones including marble emit harmful radioactive radon. Radon causes lung cancer. The truth is this concept has been misreported. 


These are all the good sides and the flip sides of white marble countertops. Also, we have mentioned some suitable solutions for how you can fight against those cons. So, a proper sealed white marble countertop is a good option for your kitchens and bathrooms for a long-time.  So, if you can do proper care then yes you can consider them for your space and give the attractive look to the kitchen.

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