Are Crocs good for swimming?

Again, I’m not a podiatrist and I’m not a medical professional so I don’t have access to inside medical research on this. I have no doubt that they are not uncomfortable for the feet. If you do like them, that’s great. I just don’t recommend buying them without wearing them at least a few times and getting used to them. You really do have to get use to the narrow toe box, their treads, and that they feel different from a normal shoe. The best advice I can give is to not go swimming in them because you won’t be able to swim in them.

But that’s not good enough? Well, sure, but how could it be better than regular Crocs?

Not so far,

So, I’ve tried and liked my Crocs. I’m not a heavy Crocs wearer so if I want to try other things out, I can just go back to regular Crocs and I suggest you to buy crocs accessories online.

What I don’t like about Crocs

They’re not very stylish. They’re not that comfy to walk in. They’re inconvenient to take on and off. You have to stand on the side of the road to wipe off your feet. They’re ugly and can get dirty pretty easily. They’re goofy and really stupid. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Will Crocs hurt sales of more conventional and higher quality shoes?

I doubt it. It’s all about the brand identity of people and how well people are able to identify with the fashion choice of a brand. Even as I said before, I’ve had no foot problems after wearing Crocs for years almost daily. I can easily identify with the brand even if they look silly and dumb to me.

Do people wear Crocs for fashion, function, or both?

Obviously people wear them for fashion (sometimes).

Made from toxic material?

Almost everything in your life is made of some toxic material (by my estimation, only your teeth and hands aren’t). But, according to the FDA, “The levels of many chemicals used in shoes and other footwear, such as beryllium, are too low to cause immediate effects to a person, and the risks would outweigh the benefits in most cases.” The FDA says that it is possible to contract beryllium disease after walking around barefoot on sand or soil with wet or contaminated shoes. The risk of contracting beryllium disease is one in 10 million.

However, the FDA says that “no one knows whether exposure to beryllium caused the illnesses in this case.

Where do Crocs wear out first?

My original pair lasted a long time. Then, about 3-4 years ago, I bought a pair from a brand I had never heard of – Dirty Jeans. The transition started there and that pair lasted me about 5 years.


Now I own 2 pairs from The Original Tweed – Original and Original Liberty. They still fit me and still look great but they definitely start showing some wear after about 2 years.

What are the most common colors?

There are so many different colors and patterns. One of the patterns, “scrunch”, I think it’s called, is not an actual pattern but is mostly stripes with one kind of stripe for each shoe. (This was the actual pattern of the first pair I bought. I bought them before they became scrunch-free.


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