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An ultimate guide on sales readiness platform in 2021

Many sales leaders are confronted with a harsh fact today: most sellers aren’t prepared to adjust to the fast-changing business environment they face on a daily basis. It’s not that they aren’t prepared; it’s just that standard sales training and enablement programs aren’t working for them.


While the statements may appear to be exaggerated, evidence backs it up. Only 27.5 % of stakeholders believe sales enablement initiatives meet or exceed their objectives, according to CSO Insights, while 90% of sales training programs fail after 120 days, according to another study.


We define sales-readiness at Mindtickle as:


Sales readiness is a phase of continuous excellence for increasing revenue via the use of a set of tools and processes to improve knowledge, improve performance, and react to change. We’ve established a Sales Readiness Framework that lays out what revenue and sales leaders need to do to get there. The fundamentals stay the same whether you use a sales-ready platform to assist you or separate tools, spreadsheets, and serious hacking talents.


Below mentioned are the sales Readiness Framework includes five crucial steps:-

  1. Excellence

Most businesses keep track of basic sales measures including quota achievement, pipeline, and revenue. While you may say that achieving those objectives qualifies as excellence, excellence, in this case, is much more specific: what are the ideal representative profile and accompanying competencies? This concept of excellence must evolve beyond cliches like “this rep has an “it” factor” and other nebulous business idioms that do not lead to organizational success.

Every company is different, but the following are some of the most essential factors for Mindtickle customers:

  • Competitive knowledge
  • Expertise in products and services
  • Expertise in the industry
  • Realizing the buyer’s persona
  • Sales process integrity
  • Product demonstration ability


Each talent will be prioritized and evaluated differently by every organization. Take the time to collaborate with other members of your sales team to create a readiness index based on the skills you believe make up the perfect rep profile. It will assist in establishing a baseline for the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that each sales representative in your company should possess.


  1. Strengthen knowledge

Best-in-class sales teams engage in contemporary sales enablement that stresses continuous excellence to move beyond once-a-year launch meetings where sellers sit through hours of training. Here are 3 foremost segments to these programs:

  • To generate “ever boarding,” spaced reinforcement is used. Onboarding gets a lot of attention in enablement, but what happens after that? By facilitating scenario-based questions with videos, graphics, and explanations, you can intelligently construct programs that revisit key themes and topics with spaced reinforcement. On questions where rep proficiency appears to be poorer, the computer should immediately adopt or double-down.
  • Micro-learning, Because sellers are busy, it’s best to help them acquire knowledge bit by bit with brief notifications and queries. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, thus each one may not be as extensive as standard training plans.
  • The mechanics of engagement While selling is a significant industry, learning the essential skill sets to succeed can and can be enjoyable. Timed quizzes, tasks, achievements, leaderboards, and the elevation of top performers’ reputations have all been shown to increase sales enablement engagement.
  1. Line-up information

The key term here is alignment. While marketing partners can develop intriguing material, the majority of it is now neglected by sellers. The reason for this is simple: while marketing’s goal is to aid in the buyer’s journey, salespeople use content with practicality. They’ll use it if it helps move a transaction forward; they’ll avoid it if it doesn’t. It is unquestionably necessary for salespeople to be empowered and supplied with appropriate content in order to move deals forward. The key is for sellers to be able to use it right away. When a new case study becomes available, for example, this is a wonderful illustration.


It’s necessary that it’s not only provided in one place, but that sellers are quickly trained on what it is, who it applies to, when to use it, and how other sellers have used it to drive deals forward.


  1. Measure performance

We’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources on enablement initiatives for a long time. While they impart vital information, they are frequently carried out in more hypothetical, academic settings. The good news is that, because of advances in conversational intelligence, we can now understand how sales-readiness software these bits of information actually resonate.


You have transparency into the messaging, themes, and issues that are conveyed to the market in real-world encounters between sellers and buyers if you’re ready to sell. If sales executives are to course-correct those reps who need more coaching, they must first understand the routines of exceptional sellers.


Conversational intelligence capabilities that employ AI and machine learning to provide sales leaders insight into what’s going on in the field, and bring it back to enablement competencies that were or weren’t accomplished, sales-readiness software should be part of a comprehensive sales preparation strategy.


  1. Optimize behavior

The final stage is to implement effective sales coaching programs based on the insights gained from analyzing field contacts and rep competencies. At the human, manager-to-rep level, role-play scenarios, scorecards, and practice are critical first steps. A comprehensive sales-readiness software program, on the other hand, should use AI to make programmatic changes and coaching recommendations based on crucial gaps discovered in real-world selling scenarios. These coaching activities assist salespeople in practising and preparing for challenging selling situations.


Why Mindtickle?

Sales Enablement Software, Sales Coaching Software, Sales Training, and Onboarding sales-readiness software, and Sales Performance Management are among the four categories of Sales Acceleration Software in which we are a leader. From R&D to customer success, MindTickle never forgets that people are what make us successful. If you want to make a big difference in your career, have a look at our job openings all over the world.


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