All-Inclusive Guide to Change WiFi Name of Netgear Extender

Do you want to change the WiFi name of your Netgear extender but don’t know the steps to do so? If you are nodding yes, then worry not. You’ve landed on the right post. Here, we will guide you step-by-step on how to change the WiFi name of a Netgear extender. Continue reading.

Steps to Change Netgear Extender WiFi Name

  • Switch on your Netgear extender after plugging it into the power socket.

  • Let the power LED on the extender turn solid green.

  • Now, grab an Ethernet cable.

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the connection hub of the Netgear extender and router.

  • You can also use a wireless source to connect your WiFi devices.

  • Now, turn on your PC.

  • Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, etc.

  • Press the Enter key.

  • You will see the Netgear extender login page.

  • Fill in the default username and password of your Netgear extender into the given fields.

  • Click the Log In button.

  • As soon as the Netgear extender dashboard displays on your computer screen, click the Settings menu.

  • Look for the Wireless Settings option.

  • Click the SSID option.

  • Enter the new WiFi name for your Netgear extender into the SSID field.

Quick Tip: You can also change the WiFi password of the extender by typing it in the Password field.

  • Click Save.

  • The new SSID of your Netgear extender will become effective.

In this way, you can change the WiFi name of your Netgear extender. After changing the WiFi name, your wireless client devices will get disconnected from the extender’s network. So, you need to connect them to the new extender’s Netgear_ext in order to access a lag-free internet connection.

Although one can easily change the WiFi name of the Netgear extender, however, users face issues while executing the process. If you’re also one of them, implement the following hacks in order to get the issue fixed:

Fixed: Can’t Change WiFi Name of Extender

  • Check whether the wall socket into which you’ve plugged your Netgear range extender is working or not. If not, then get it changed.

  • Do not use a damaged Ethernet cable to connect the Netgear extender to the existing router.

  • In case of a wireless connection, maintain a safe distance between your Netgear extender and the router.

  • Temporarily disable antivirus software and firewall on your computer before visiting mywifiext.local.

  • Make sure the web browser you are using to change the WiFi name of the Netgear extender is updated and free of cache, cookies, and browsing history.

  • Always type the extender’s default web address into the URL field of the web browser.

  • If you are unable to access the Netgear extender login page using mywifiext.local, use instead.

  • Use the correct default login credentials of your Netgear extender to log in to it. This is because the default username and password of your WiFi devices are case-sensitive. So, you need to be careful while typing them.

  • Do not refresh the web browser amidst the process of changing the WiFi name of your Netgear range extender.

Wrapping Up

That was all about how to change the WiFi name of the Netgear extender. We hope the aforementioned guidelines will help you in assigning a new WiFi name to your Netgear range extender in a hassle-free manner.

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