Aftercare For Braces Removal in Los Gatos

Orthodontics is an effective treatment of aligning the teeth, which improves their working and appearance. Moreover, it helps with speech function and protects it from damage. Additionally, Orthodontics in Los Gatos can also help you with other problems such as overcrowding, anteroposterior deviations, and more. 


The treatment with braces has to be done between the ages of 8-14 to get the best results. However, removing the braces does not end it all. You need to take special care after braces are removed. 


steps to be followed after braces removal:


Professional cleaning: The presence of braces make brushing and flossing difficult, and because of it, plaque and stains get accumulated. Cleaning is required to remove all the colors and plaque.


Teeth whitening treatment: This treatment is done because, after removing braces, people may notice their teeth turning yellow along with plaque formation. In this case, you may require teeth whitening treatment to remove the discoloration. The dentist also suggests adding teeth whitening toothpaste to the daily routine.


Wear retainers as advised: The teeth tend to go back to their original position. These retainers keep them in their new place. It is suggested to wear the retainer all the time.


Take care of retainers: The retainers must be cleaned once a day and as instructed because they can quickly be filled with bacteria. Most of them get cleaned with a regular toothbrush and paste. Others need a mouthwash or cleaner.


Be careful about your home dental routine: after you have invested so much in your teeth, good oral hygiene has to be maintained to keep your teeth healthy. Few ways to take care of your teeth at home after having braces removed include: 


  • Brush: It is advised to brush twice a day and use soft-bristled brushes, and replace your brush every 3-4 months. 


  • Floss: to remove plaque and particles where the brush cannot reach, we floss. The golden rule to be followed is; floss every single space between teeth and floss every day. 


  • Mouthwash: it adds a little more protection, but this is optional. Los Gatos


  • Clean your retainers: cleaning retainers will avoid bacteria and plaque build-up. 


  • Rinsing: After you eat/drink, you must rinse your mouth. This will remove any excess food that may cause plaque and help prevent any stains or discoloration. 


After braces removal, follow the steps mentioned above to have healthy oral hygiene and have correctly aligned teeth.

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