A trip to Ahmedabad during Navratri

Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s largest city as well as the former state capital. With Mughal influence and India’s struggle for independence, it has always had historical importance. Today, due to its rapid development and infrastructure, the city is an educational and business hub. The city is defined by colours and vibrance. The hues of art, architecture, festivities and delicious treats are endless. Ahmedabad is known for its warm and hospitable culture.


The small old streets of Ahmedabad are full of places that I loved to explore, and as a traveller and a photographer, I took delight in capturing something new on every street. My visit to Ahmedabad was fascinating with their perfect blend of new and old. For local sightseeing and exploring the city, I booked an affordable Ahmedabad cab service.


Now, Navratri and Makar Sankranti are two major festivals celebrated in Ahmedabad. I was excited to visit the place during Navratri. While Makar Sankranti is known as the flying kite festival in Gujarat, Navratri commemorates nine days of the deregulation of the wicked into the hands of the good. And the fact that I visited the city nine days into the festival made it more fruitful for me.


Bhadra Fort presents some great music and authentic cultural shows in the old town of Ahmedabad, just like the one that is. Court Road, Bhadra, Ahmedabad is the address to the festivities.


As the rest of the country celebrates this nine-day festival as the successful Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya and so on, this city in Gujarat goes beyond it and turns it into this cultural extravaganza. 


I saw that the celebrations had changed completely and already as soon as we entered the city, we saw people painting the city with their vestments. The shops on the street looked like a palette of flaming colours. And that was just the start of the eventful weekend.


Of course, everywhere, there were bright, beautiful colours. The markets were full of sophisticated, traditional garments with matching shoes and gemstones. It is simply a pleasure to walk across these markets. The market of Law Garden is the place to get your Navratri ghagras for the festive mood. The time was after sunset to start the revelries.


We had a fast dinner and went to one of the hotspots of Navratri in the town. The festivities were set off by a beautiful opening ceremony on the banks of the Sabarmati River. People were clothed in their festive best, and soon they waved around Gujarati’s rhythmic folk music. What a delight!


I joined the ‘circles’ and matched the moves and the beats. I had to accept that, for an amateur such as me, music made the magic. They had some of the most eclectic music of Garba and Dandiya, from rock Garba to folks of tradition, Bollywood, and EDM Dandiya that grooved the crowd through impromptu melodies.


The next day I visited some more key attractions of Ahmedabad, including Sabarmati Ashram, Kankaria Lake, Sabarmati riverfront, Adalaj step-well, auto world vintage car museum, and many more. The commute around the city was made possible with this reliable online taxi booking app. While I felt at home in Ahmedabad, it was time for another adventure to travel back home!

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