Security Guards

A Guide to What Security Guards Can & Cannot Do

Bristol Security guards are crucial for maintaining peace. They can be found in both commercial and residential spaces. Businesses and homeowners rely on the presence of security guards for preventing criminal activity like assault, vandalism, and theft. Visitors also depend on them for ensuring that they are protected at all times. When it comes to running a business or looking after your home, security guards are essential.  

The benefits of hiring security guards are obvious. However, you need to understand what a security guard can and cannot do. It is sensible for you to make sure that your customers or your family members enjoy themselves without having to worry about any threat. Therefore, you need a security team by your side. Safety is something that you simply cannot overlook. Before you hire security guards, you need to know what to expect. Read on to learn more. 

Can Perform Arrest

Although security guards have the same amount of power as the general public, they can make an arrest under specific circumstances. Whether someone is about to commit an offence or has committed a crime and there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that someone is guilty, the security guard can perform an arrest. It is important to note that security guards are better trained when it comes to physical movements and are in a better position to perform an arrest. However, only police officers can take physical arrest further. 

Cannot Use Excessive Force

If there is one thing that security guards cannot do, it is using excessive force. When making an arrest of a citizen, mobile patrols and concierge security is not permitted to use an unreasonable amount of force. Physical strength can only be used in case the suspect resists. It is general practice for guards to not use any additional force past the point it takes for restraining anybody. The security force can only use restraint until the police arrives and handles the situation. If excessive force is used, it would be deemed unlawful, and the victim can claim damages from your company or the security company. 

Can Request a Physical Search

Another thing that security guards can do is request a physical search. It is well within their rights to request the search of a suspected party who intends to enter your property. The security force can even request a physical examination when someone enters or leaves your commercial premises on any grounds. It is common to perform a physical examination of individuals who have been caught stealing. In fact, if someone rejects the search, the security guard can simply refuse entry to the individual or even detain them using reasonable force if it the individual is believed to have committed a crime.


Now that you know what security guards can and cannot do, you can hire them to patrol your premises and ensure safety, this can be done with Security Companies in Bristol. There is nothing more important than hiring security guards as they help keep you and everyone else protected.

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