Cheeky Bikini Bottom

A Brief Guide on Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Summer is the great season to give our ladies more shine. Chilling on the beach and a pool party are the two thrilling opportunities to wear a sexy bikini suit. A beautiful tan look trend with minimal lines where minimal coverage & cheeky bikini bottom comes in handy. In addition, sun-kissed skin complements your swimwear, and that is what our women desire! The other secret of a sophisticated cheeky bottom is that it goes with every body size. Keep scrolling to know about this phenomenal bikini a bit extra.

The Essence of Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Cheeky bikini bottom doesn’t squeeze the sides of your hips. For a professional bikini photo look, your bottoms should be appropriately revealed. Moreover, it should look hot yet elite. Cheeky bikini bottom is highly recommended to the models as it shows enough booty when photographed. To have a perfect S shape, click, just tilt the body on either side

Apart from professionals, it can be your modish companion when hitting on the beach with your friends or family. Moreover, you will feel an immense amount of comfort throughout your beach day. Water babies love playing with aqua life by diving, swimming, posing, and much more. Wearing this comfy bottom will surely work well under-water. Pretty functional to keep everything secure so that it won’t embarrass you!

While playing volleyball at the beachside, many women are afraid of slipping bottoms. Here, you can play hard without worrying much. Stay at your comfort and render high flexibility that makes it perfect for all body types. Therefore, it doesn’t let your focus be diverted as the cheeky bottom holds firmness.

Types of Cheeky Bottoms

➤ Thong Bikini Bottom

To all the minimal swimwear fans, a thong bikini bottom is an ideal choice. The cut is quite familiar to Brazilian bikini bottoms. It has ultimate sex appeal and shows minimal tan lines. A quite bold look and can be a great beach dress to impress your partner.

➤ True Cheeky Cut

The beauty of a true cheeky cut bottom is that it lands perfectly between a thong and full coverage bottom. For many women, it’s one of the most comfortable styles as it offers enough coverage. This is a go-to staple swimwear wardrobe that is sexy & highly comfortable.

➤ Moderate Coverage Bottom

For the newbies, I will suggest opting for a moderate coverage bikini bottom. Why? It’s because you will experience the new bottom cut, and once you feel the delight, touch & comfort, you will be more confident for the next type. Certainly not like your high school beach swimwear, it offers a sleek look by having a glimpse of traditional bikini bottoms. The cut adores a bit of class while keeping you voguish & sexy.


Cherriz bikini bottoms are very demanding and enriched with high-quality fabric. Once addicted to bottom style, you can never avoid it. Your bottom remains in shape, and you feel relaxed no matter how long you wear it.

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