Greatest destinations for cycling

8 World’s Greatest Destinations for Cycling Adventures

Are you tired of traditional boring holidays and looking for a new adventure? It’s time to take your two-wheeler for a trip around the world and check out destinations that are heaven on earth for cyclers. If you’re ready for a cycling adventure, then these 8 destinations should be your top choice. (World’s Greatest Destinations)

Feel the sun on your skin and wind in your hair while you explore remote or not so remote locations on your bike. Fresh air and nature will positively affect your mental and physical health. So, spend your next vacation exploring different destinations on your bike.


1. Cycling pilgrimage through Spain

You’ve probably heard how many people complete their spiritual journeys in Spain. It’s a wonderful path that includes redemption, discovery and patience. Who says you can’t complete it on the bike? Hop on the Camino de Santiago trail and cycle through chosen UNESCO world heritage destinations in Spain.

Cycle through lush valleys and El Bierzo’s ancient wine yard. You’ll get a chance to meet friendly locals and dive into delicious tapas before you finish your journey at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This is an ideal opportunity to meet cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, share stories and discover the best destinations you should visit.

(World’s Greatest Destinations)

2. Hop on the Moroccan adventure

Due to its distinctive culture and gorgeous sights, Morocco is one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world. It has many beautiful trails to offer, and it’s up to you to choose which one suits your stamina and desires the most. Is there anything for experienced cyclists?

The most popular trail for pro bikers is the 425-mile-long tour of Toubkal. You’ll have a chance to see scenic views and mesmerising deserts along the way that will take your breath away. Make sure you get plenty of training as this ride takes about 9 days and consists of a lot of up-hills and down-slopes you need to be experienced for.


3. Explore South Africa’s views

If you’re up for a unique and exotic adventure, heading to South Africa is definitely for you! Hop on your bike in Cape Town and explore gorgeous landscapes with picture-perfect views. No matter which road you take, make sure to try out local dishes and surprise your tastebuds with some of the world’s tastiest wines.

(World’s Greatest Destinations)

Take Route 62 through Stellenbosch villages with adorable old vineries and ride through the Karoo desert. Don’t forget to bring your camera as those sceneries are to sceneries die for. Finish your journey at the Good Hope Cape, where you’ll have a chance to spot the world’s most magnificent mammals- whales!


4. Take laps around Central European Lakes

Have you always wanted to visit central Europe but never had a chance? This is an ideal opportunity to take your bike out for a ride in the gorgeous countryside of beautiful European cities. This area is known for magnificent lakes and sights that take your breath away. It’s not only because you’re cycling!

In case you can’t bring your bike with you, you can always rent a bike or an e-bike and smoothly glide beside the cherry orchards, fairy-tale-like castles and cute villages. Switzerland and Austria can offer mesmerising lake-side and mountain views you’ll never forget. Sadly, this part of the world is a bit pricey, so keep that in mind!


5. Watercolour landscapes of China

Known for magnificent food and interesting cities, China is a country that has to offer much more. This destination is ideal for nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts as it will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world! What are the things you can’t miss?

On top of your list should be the most famous Chinese attraction, the Great Wall! The best part is that you don’t have to walk, you’ll cycle as it’s 8 850 km long. In addition to that, don’t miss the Forbidden City and Leaping Tiger Gorge. These are the destinations you’ll remember for a lifetime.


6. Visit Cambodian temples

Would you rather go on a slow-paced enjoyable journey? Then cycling through the villages and backroads in Cambodia is the perfect vacation for you. Meet the friendly locals while touring adorable villages on your way to remote temples that will sweep you off your feet, so make sure to hold on to your bike tightly!

Become a real-life Lara Croft and visit the best temples of Cambodia on your bike. Physical activity combined with a bit of history and culture is an ideal way of spending your time off. Visit temples like Koh Ker and Sambor Prei Kuk with a local guide that will tell you everything you need to know about these mesmerizing places.


7. Feel the breeze on the Green Mountains in Vermont

Did you know that Vermont is known for its love of bikes and nature? That’s why it’s a perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts. People from all over the world come to Vermont, USA, to experience thrilling biking trails and wonderfully clear air on the Green Mountains. What can you do there?

Take your bike on a 6.4-mile-long loop trail that will take you over the Appalachian Gap and a climb with a view that’s definitely worth the struggle. Just make sure you ride an adequate mountain bike that will take you through the ups and downs of the Green Mountains. Try out locally brewed drinks and homemade food along the way.


8. Pedal through Central America

Are you looking for an exciting cycling tour? Central America has to offer a thrilling tour that will take you and your friends on a Pan Am Highway. You’ll get a chance to see the top spots of Central America while you cycle through Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

Before you head off, make sure to check out all the things you need to know about Central America to know what sights and spots you are looking for! Don’t make this journey all about cycling. You’ll pass by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling. Don’t forget to check out Costa Rica’s highest volcano or the land of indigenous tribes Cabecar!


Final thoughts

These are the world’s top destinations for cycling enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of different activities that will help you create the vacation of your dreams. As they combine physical activity, gorgeous sights and a tad of culture and history, you’ll get a chance to activate your body and mind in the best ways possible!

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