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8 Insightful Details how to Ship Products Like a Pro and Save Money Doing It!

With over a thousand dropship suppliers out there, it can be difficult deciding which ones are really up to par. We have taken the leg work out for you by assessing and vetting thousands of dropship suppliers so that you don’t have to go through all the trial and error that we went through ourselves at first. Now you just need a little guidance on what will suit your business best.

When you are a business owner, you should try to provide value to your customers. You can do this by using custom packaging and pre rolls packaging. If you don’t know how to use custom packaging well, then your business’s reputation can suffer and people will not want to buy from you because they think something is wrong with it.

 1. How to ship products without damaging them

The supplier always takes extra care to make the shipping safe. If you are not happy with their service, then you need to tell them how they can improve it for you. It is important that your stuff arrives in perfect condition. You should not accept a courier company until they have proven themselves to you. It is good to choose the hard cases and boxes to prevent damage. The bottom of the box should be very firm, too.

It depends on how many products you want to ship. You can use custom packaging for all of your orders, but this is more expensive and not everyone does it the same way. Your customer did not collect your delivery. The courier company will keep it for a week or so. After that, the company will send it back to you.

You need to work with your supplier to offer faster deliveries than other companies. This will make more customers come back, which means more profit.

2. How to ship products with custom packaging

It depends on the products. The product does not have a high value and is difficult to break, so you can put it in the box. Apply the soft material at the bottom of the box to make sure it does not move around when it’s delivered. There are many kinds of packaging materials, but it will take time to find out which ones are most suitable for your products. You may need to contact your supplier or logistics service provider for packing solutions.

Packaging costs depend on how many you want to ship per order, and if you want any kind of packaging materials. The more orders you plan on shipping in large quantities, the less your packaging costs will be. Some companies may even negotiate your shipping fee with the number of products you buy.

3. Make sure your customers receive their products on time

You should send the products in a way that they won’t break. You need to do this so when people get the product, they will trust you.

To avoid damaging your customers’ products, make sure you pack them up carefully and they don’t get hurt during the shipping. You may also ask your parcel shipping service provider for other ways to make sure that it arrives safely at its destination.

4. Consider different shipping options for different items depending on what you are shipping

There are many shopping options which increases the use of packaging materials with the use of different materials. That means packing them more than what they need to ensure that their products are safe and packed properly for shipping.

You can ask your supplier about the best way to pack your items. They will know if it is fragile or not. Make sure to pack it so that it does not take up too much space. You may need to buy another box or talk to your parcel delivery service provider. This way, you will save money because the packaging’s are cheaper when bought together. This is especially true if the packaging is big and takes up a lot of room on its own.

5. Package the product first, then label it for shipping

Labelling and packaging your product is usually done at the same time. But if you want to save money, package your items first. After which, label it properly so that your supplier can easily recognize what’s inside the box when it arrives in his country.

Sometimes, you will need to sample the product before it is manufactured. You might be able to get small portions of each product rather than have everything sent for sampling. This way, you can see what everything looks like and decide if they are good enough for your business needs.

It is not always easy to find out the price of materials. Some companies don’t have fixed prices because their rates depend on how much material is used in making the product.

7. Use a tracking number to ensure customers know where their product is at all times

The shipping companies uses best technique to deliver your product on time.

After you ship the products, it is best to ask people if they liked what you sent them. This will help your business because you can contact the customer again and offer other products or services. You might be able to change some of the specifications for future products so that they better meet customer needs and wants.

It is very important that you track expenses in between production steps. There are many custom sleeve boxes with barcodes and tracking numbers. These expenses can affect how much money you will make when selling your product. For example, buying an expensive machine tool may decrease production quality but it saves manpower which can lead to more income.

8. Use prepaid labels for shipments so customers don’t have to worry about paying for shipping

The best thing to follow is prepaid labels. This makes it easier on the customers and you won’t have to worry about getting reimbursed for your shipping costs. It is also a good idea that you get an email or some form of notification when the customer has received their order and if there is any damage to the product.


The packaging of any product is essential if the shipping cost is to be paid by the customer. It is important that shipping keeps the boxes safe and sturdy giving a good impact. The other thing that should be taken into consideration is that the name of the company or shop can also impact the impression given to them. It should be classy, clean and give a professional impression. Proper labelling and adding some kind of padding can help protect against any damages to the product during transit.

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