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7 Reasons it’s Great To Have the Personality of a Door Mat

You already know that a doormat is a necessary thing for every house. But do you know that it is very important what kind of doormat you choose? Not every doormat deserves to stand at your door. Not everyone is happy with a boring black mat, without any message or colour on it. In this article, you will learn 7 reasons why it’s great to have the personality of a door mat, how to choose the one that suits you and that can reflect your character and personality or the one that can show the atmosphere in your home. In addition, you will receive tips on how to maintain your personal doormat.

7 Personality of a door mat:

1. Rubber mat

If you see a simple rubber mat near the door, rest assured that the owner of the house is a thrifty, practical person who is accustomed to evaluating objects exclusively from the functional side. So, if you find yourself in this description, this mat is the right choice for you. The rubber mat is easy to clean, does not fade or stain, and is relatively inexpensive.


2. Wicker mat

Wicker mat in front of the door? This means that a romantic dwell is behind them. Every detail of the interior is important for you, for the resident of that apartment. Arguments in favour of the fact that a wicker rug collects dust, gets very dirty and will not last long will not convince an aesthete owner. For lovers of elegant things, rug manufacturers have come up with an alternative: beautiful wicker rugs impregnated with a water and dirt-repellent composition.

3. Brush mat

If you think that such exhibits remained only in shops and institutions, then you are mistaken! The neat hosts, accustomed to the perfect order of the house, force guests to carefully clean the dirt from the grooved shoe soles so that not a single gram of sand, snow or dust gets on the cleanly washed floors.

4. Combination mat

So that the coloured rubber rug does not offend someone’s sense of beauty, the manufacturers have come up with a combined option: textile, felt or coconut spraying is applied to a durable rubber base. Such a rug is chosen by those who are not used to making concessions, especially in matters related to comfort.

Combined rugs are multicoloured, with patterns and designs, funny inscriptions and wishes. If you see such a “cheerful” rug at the door, be sure: you have come to visit a sociable, easily communicating, loving person with a good sense of humour.

5. Unique rug

For those who want to be different from everyone around them in everything, who like to surprise guests, the manufacturers of rugs have come up with a new “trick” – a personalised rug that will serve as a nice little present for housewarming. You can get one with your name or initials on it or a picture of your pet.

6. Doormat with a humour

Our favourite doormat. This kind of welcome will not leave you indifferent. From the very threshold, you can see that this kind of door mat was chosen by a person with a good sense of humour and that there is more waiting for you inside. One word or sentence on the mat can reveal a lot.


7. Doormat with attitude

This door mat is for people who stick to themselves, know what they want and don’t care what someone else will think of them. “Go Away” mat can mean that you are not welcome, but it can also belong to the previous personalities of the mat. With a personality like this, you will always have to think carefully and ask yourself who is waiting for you inside.

How to choose the right door mat?

A doormat is almost invisible, but nevertheless an indispensable element of the entrance area. And as you can see, it can reveal a lot about you. If this product is made with high quality, it will absorb all the dirt brought with it on street shoes. Thus, the accessory allows you to maintain cleanliness, create a comfortable indoor environment and keep the health of household members.


Door mats have a practical function – that is, they protect the room from moisture, sand, debris and dust. That is why products of dark colours are most in demand – green, grey, blue, brown and black.  Dirty spots on such surfaces are hardly noticeable. However, when buying rubber products, you can safely choose the colour scheme that you prefer. Rubber mats are easy to clean off any dirt, so even pale pink, straw, deep yellow and snow-white surfaces will withstand any type of dirt.

Pattern and colour

The pattern and colour of the door mat are also important. It is important that this item is in harmony with the furnishings of the hallway. It is advisable to give preference to shades that dominate the overall colour scheme of the corridor. Some homeowners play with contrast. But you should not get carried away with this decision – it is better to make accents on the walls and decor items. Transparent products are a novelty on the market, so it could be a great choice for you if you are indecisive.

The print should correspond to the general theme of the interior. For example, for rooms decorated in the Provence style, a floral ornament is suitable. Boho is characterised by strict geometry; in the oriental style, drawing using the ikat technique will be optimal.

For lovers of an original interior, a door mat with pictures or funny signatures, for example, models with the word Welcome, may seem interesting. Among the best-selling are mats featuring animal paws and footprints. Such products have a beneficial effect on the mood of people who come to the house.

Which one is better to choose?

When buying a door mat, it is important that it is functional and certainly practical. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase several models for different seasons. So, in the rainy season and melting snow, it is better to lay down water resistant, easy-to-clean models made of rubber and foamed PVC. Carpets with pile will help warm up feet in cold winters.

If the aesthetic side is of fundamental importance, then the choice should be made, focusing on the colour and length of the pile. Floral and abstract ornaments harmoniously fit into any hallway.

The most practical people choose rugs that are easy to clean; they are on sale in a wide variety. It is better to give preference to synthetic and rubber products.

Care Tips

Keeping the corridor clean is not easy. That is why special attention is paid to the choice of the door mat. It takes the brunt of it, absorbs all moisture and dirt, therefore, in order to maintain the original appearance and functionality of the products, timely cleaning and regular maintenance are required. The materials from which the mats are made dictate their own characteristics of caring for them.

Most of the models provide a label with markings, which indicate the main technical and operational properties and maintenance rules. Try to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Latex and rubber models can be washed every day. They dry quickly and can be laid back immediately after washing.

It is advisable to use a dry brush for caring for textile carpets made of artificial materials. They are cleaned as needed, once a season it is necessary to wash them with detergents or carpet cleaners.

Natural fibre floors and nap mats require special dry cleaning. If you expose them to a damp wash, the wool will mat off and lose its dyes.


Even if it seems like an insignificant thing, don’t neglect choosing a doormat. With its help, you can show your character, express your creativity and uniqueness. You can also show your sense of humour or attitude. In addition, this small detail will help you keep your house always clean and so that dirt from the outside does not reach the inside. Choose the right door mat and don’t forget to maintain it.

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