7 major points to keep in mind while searching SEO Company

It is essential to take a few steps to ensure that your website is managed by the right people to guarantee the success of your company. Consider the right SEO Company in Dubai as an extended part of your team. Make sure the SEO Company you opt for has not only the proper experience but provides quality service throughout the clock also.

The essential 7 tips to choose an SEO Company

Following are the 7 major points to look out while choosing an SEO Company,

Services offered and Specialization

Visit the Company’s website to know their area of specialization. It may be a particular service, location or, industry they are specialized in. Try to find out the services provided by them in addition to SEO. Also, try to look out if any certification or award received is mentioned on their website to substantiate their expertise.

Customer Reviews and References

Before selecting an SEO company, read the customer reviews available on the websites like Google, Quora, and Facebook, etc. Try to know about the details of the Company from the portfolios available on the websites of the various digital agencies.

Another effective method of gathering information about the SEO Company is to ask them about their previous clients whom they have already provided their service. Then you can contact those client companies to know their experience and can also ask for testimonials. You can find the flaws in this way if any.

Learn about their case studies

Visit their website and look into the case studies shared by them. You can get an overall idea about the quality of the service they usually provide and whether the client is satisfied with the results or not. You can even browse for the quality of other services provided by them to get a general idea about the Company profile. You can also directly ask for sample works done by the Company in past.

Get an idea about the Company’s ethics and research about the SEO team

You can do some homework at your end to gather information about the key persons in the Company and as well as the SEO team members. You can effectively use your LinkedIn network to do this background check. You may also find an employee of this company who is connected to your network. In that case, you can contact them for more information about the company.

It is of utmost importance to choose an SEO Company having good integrity and work ethics. If the front-line employees are not in line with the company spirit or do not possess a clear vision about the Company’s ethics, it is not expected to get premium client service from them.

Be a part of their Social Media

Try to follow then social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Read through the blogs published by them and maybe subscribe to their newsletter. You can get an idea about their tone by this, as these are the typically less formal areas of any Company. You will also gain some idea about their expertise by reviewing the content of their blogs.

Contract Structure and Fees

Different SEO companies have different structures for payment. Some may charge you on an hourly basis, whereas a few companies work on a contract basis. Feel free to ask them about the details of the fee structure and what to expect exactly against that amount you pay.

You should do a market review and comparison before finalizing your SEO provider just like you do before shopping for a new gadget or technology.


Before finalizing the deal, it is essential to fix a meeting with the concerned SEO personnel of that company. It is important to have a personal touch with the team of people you will be working with daily.

Hope the above tips help you to search for the right SEO Company for your business.

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