Adopting a Child in Georgia

7 Adoption Gifts: Adopting a Child in Georgia

Adoption is a bittersweet process. For the adoptees, these children represent a longing for a family. For the children, these new parents mean a world of uncertainty. Since many of these children suffered losses, abuse, trauma, or neglect, they prepare for a fight or flight response. They are hopeful for new beginnings, but they also face the accompanying loss.

They have been through the system of kids for adoption in Georgia. When they are brought home for the first time, it should be represented by something significant. Gifts are perfect for such an occasion to solidify family values and trust. They have to be thoughtful. Gifts can make or break the first impression and the monumental moment.

Presents are excellent for such events, but they can be challenging to narrow down. To help you begin your journey in the right direction, we have listed ten different “coming home” gifts as suggested by adoption lawyers through their years of experience. These presents can replace the insensitivities of “gotcha day” but still carry the essence and the intention.

Let’s begin!

Pendants and Necklaces

Jewelry is a token of appreciation that is common in different cultures. Even if you opted for international adoption agencies in Georgia, the intention behind necklaces, bracelets, pendants would transcend languages. Such a choice is timeless. It is an excellent start from “something new” to “something old.”

Plants and Trees

Another timeless and thoughtful gift would be to plant a tree. Trees are great metaphors for the life you want them to have after adoption. They signify memorials and beginnings. It marks the start of your child’s new lives where they are loved and marks an end to uncertainty and neglect. Hence, trees are living antiques and, therefore, perfect gifts.

Photo Album

Picture collections are a great addition to new adoption households. You can even begin your album with pictures from your adoption day. After all the work with your adoption attorney from Atlanta has been finalized, you can start to take pictures. As you go through life, add in more within the album to highlight your journey together.

Memo boards

These boards can contain collages, graded papers with good marks, and sticky notes for everyday reminders. Such notice boards signify progress.

Keepsakes and Souvenirs

You can request your private adoption agency to provide you with any ornaments, heirlooms, or unique items from the child’s original family. For these kids, simple things such as an old umbrella, a notebook, or even a scarf can hold more value than any pricy gift.

Framed Quotes

You can personalize your quotes and get them framed. Such quotes could include generic statements. These can also be printed on mugs. Pictures and words such as “You didn’t give me life, but life gave me you” are perfect examples.

Video Recording

Suppose you remember the child’s video who brought his whole class to watch his adoption in court. These moments aren’t just trendy or viral; they are unforgettable. Immortalize your family’s most significant moments with video recordings. These can be great gifts for your adopted children later on in life.

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