6+1 Camping Hacks you should try this summer

6+1 Camping Hacks you should try this summer

The Municipality of Samothrakis has reduced the prices of its campgrounds for this year’s period by 50%!  Camping Hacks 


Due to the crisis but also mainly because of the effort of the local community to restrict free camping, the Municipality is proceeding with a significant reduction providing the possibility of economic holidays for all. 


The prices of The Camping of Samothrace as they are formed in 2015 are 2.50€ per night per person and 2.50€ for the tent. The campsite of Samothraki is located in the wonderful nature of the island, in a large forest that offers plenty of shade


Make your camping life easy and comfortable. Try these tricks that others before you invented and you won’t lose!


  1. Remove mosquitoes with sage


Yes, put a bunch of sage in your tent. Its smell will perfume the place you sleep but at the same time remove mosquitoes.

  1. Store your spices in boxes from TicTac

Remember the TicTac candy? Well, here’s where they’ll come in. In empty boxes, put your favorite spices, which are incredibly delicious cooking at the campsite.

  1. Concrete camping lamp

Get a flashlight. Adjust it to shine in- in a concrete filled with water. Its light diffuses evenly in the space, giving you a very beautiful and not at all annoying lighting.

  1. Get microfiber towels

Microfibra towels are very absorbent and take up incredibly little space in your luggage.

  1. Cleverly store the eggs of the campsite

Why would they risk breaking the eggs of your omelet during transport? The safest way is to put them in a bottle.

  1. Keep toilet paper clean and dry

We all once had tons of empty CDs to write. Their round plastic cases can be useful for storing camping toilet paper. Camping Hacks 

Bonus +1. Portable camping toilet!

What you need is a big bucket, biodegradable garbage bags and a little foam. The result… It’s a relief!


Camping in the eyes of children is a great playground! That’s how I remember it when I’d been camping with my parents a few times. So when a child comes into the couple’s life, we shouldn’t be concerned about whether our little campers will like it.

Children will soon develop friendships with new children. They’ll meet people who speak other languages and curiously play without having to exchange a word. If you’ve never been without kids camping before, that shouldn’t scare you. Camping Hacks 


Who wouldn’t want a strong LED lens, a fan or a powerful air pump at the campsite? And for the excellent mercenaries of the radio space even broom to clean the scene or car!


And all this, using only one Li-ion battery.

Makita battery products are ideal for camping and for any outdoor activity!

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