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6 Reasons to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or the emerging third set of molars is one of the most commonly encountered teeth trouble. With signs and symptoms variable from person to person, wisdom teeth can be very problematic.

Talking about the aftermaths? It will not make you any wiser yet will be left with pain, inflammation and much more. Just as I told you earlier, not all people are fortunate to have a less painful wisdom teeth experience.

No matter which way you slice it, wisdom teeth is a painful experience and surgical removal of wisdom teeth has become a common practice, revealed by a maxillofacial surgeon in Islamabad. Now you must be thinking of your wisdom teeth and deciding on their removal but hold on! Let me break it down for you and explain when you should go for wisdom teeth removal.

Problems associated with wisdom teeth

Though they might seem trouble-free yet wisdom teeth can affect your other teeth and can be a cause of periodontal problems. Some signs and symptoms associated with wisdom teeth are;

– Severe jaw pain

– Inflamed jaws

– Bleeding gums

– Bad breath

– Loss of gums

– Irritation and swelling in gums

– Loss of jawbones

– Damage to surrounding parts

Why do you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Here I’m going to add the list of reasons that might help you to make an informed decision regarding wisdom teeth removal. These include;

1- Infection or inflammation

Due to the availability of limited space and impactions wisdom teeth are more likely to cause oral infections. This often leads to painful gums and other associated gum infections. Gum inflammation is hard to get rid of and can conveniently affect the surrounding areas.

Other than infection, impacted teeth can serve as a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. This increases the number of bacteria between the gums and other spaces leading to severe infections. In both of these situations, wisdom teeth removal is an effective way to get rid of the problem.

2- Damage to surrounding teeth

The problem with wisdom teeth is that the damage isn’t limited to wisdom teeth alone. Rather than this, the infection spreads to the surrounding teeth. From invading the surrounding spaces, wisdom teeth can cause more damage. In surrounding teeth, wisdom teeth can be a cause of cavities and other forms of damage including bone loss and teeth decay.

3- Overcrowding

Another common problem associated with wisdom teeth is the overcrowding of the existing structures. When new teeth try to erupt, it tries to adjust into limited existing spaces. With very little space to adjust in, the erupting teeth tend to push the existing teeth aside resulting in misalignment. This misalignment can change your smile forever and put you on the verge of going through dental work.

4- Oral cyst and tumours

As revealed by a renowned physician from the Dental Centre, in certain cases wisdom teeth are a leading cause of oral tumours. Some studies support the fact that wisdom teeth can often form tumours or cyst in bones which result in joint pain. Moreover, these tumours and cyst require advanced treatments which every one among us is not likely to prefer.

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