6 Health Benefits of Using Assault Air Bikes

While building a gym, everyone wants simple and comfortable equipment to use. However, you tend to lose focus as you see kettlebells, dumbbells, squat rock and pull-up bars. Why not try something better for your workout regime that makes most of your muscles work? And, what could be better than assault air bikes that can make you achieve all your cardio goals and are effective for a full-body workout. So, if you are considering ditching the regular gym bikes and opting for something effective for full-body exercise, getting an assault bike could be an excellent investment. Below are some benefits discussed and why it could be ideal for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Burn calories

An assault air bike can make you burn up to 80 calories per minute based on the intensity of the workout. The bike utilising the push and pull mechanism makes the exercise more intense, generating more resistance. The equipment could also be compared to a ski machine, albeit with more power. Hence, it can be ideal for shedding some pounds and getting back in shape. Moreover, the air bike makes your upper and lower bodywork simultaneously with equal intensity, making you lose more calories than your regular cardio.

Aerobic conditioning

Cardio exercises like skating, walking, swimming, or running involve using many muscles in the body. An assault air bike can be an excellent alternative to running or swimming as it boosts metabolic conditioning and physical endurance. As you make this bike a part of your workout regime, you will see a remarkable improvement in your aerobic capacity. The rhythmic movement developed through the pedalling will be able to strengthen your heart and lungs, ensuring more oxygen gets delivered to the muscles during the workout.

Stamina boosting

Assault air bikes can boost stamina while biking with high intensity. It makes for a good workout for the heart, and your lungs also get used to normalise breathing after intense workout sessions so that you don’t gasp for breath. Hence, maintaining a positive mindset can be crucial to enduring bodily discomfort in the initial days. There will be times when you may want to give up, which is when your fight response will get triggered. So, testing your stamina will determine your intent toward achieving a healthier life.

Chronic pain relief

The design of an assault bike is unique, which helps keep your back straight without the need to bend over the handlebars, which makes it ideal for individuals and the elderly with chronic back pains. Also, it is mild on your joints, absorbing the impacts to hips, ankles and knees. It means the bike is safe even for those with pre-existing health conditions.

Flexibility and balance

An assault bike can boost your balance and flexibility by exercising your hips and joints. The ligaments and muscle toning exercises can help you achieve more functional abilities. It could also improve your balance as your abs, and lower back muscles get more robust by getting contracted during workouts. Hence, assault air bikes can be ideal for older adults or individuals recovering from surgery.


With improved performance of the lungs and heart, your brain also receives more oxygen. Also, exercise releases endorphins and dopamine, which stimulate your brain. It means that your brain develops the capacity to do its job better, making you healthier and happier. Hence, if you suffer from mood swings, stress, or insomnia, an assault bike can do wonders. 

Assault bikes are low-impact tools that can have a lot of health benefits. So, get one and accomplish your fitness goals. 

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