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6 Easy Steps of Custom Product Packaging

Regardless of whether your customers have a retail or e-commerce shopping experience, the custom product packaging always influences their buying habits. If they received a product in an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional packaging, no one could restrict them from purchasing your product again. The high-quality packaging promotes digital word of mouth as well that, in the end, expands your user base. As you can see, the packaging holds an immense significance in the effective growth of your company. But, designing the perfect packaging is quite a daunting task, and you have to take into account many important considerations. In this article, we will be taking you through every step of this process in a simple and easy way.

Opt for the right dimensions:

It is detrimental to pay heed to the dimensions of the custom box as they play a vital role in determining the production cost, shipping cost, and safety aspects of this box. If you get them wrong, you will be compromising the security of inside products as well as incurring yourself an extra amount of money. To evade this kind of scenario, always consider measuring the dimensions from the inside of the box, not outside. Your focus should be to minimize the dimensions as possible, keeping in view the demands of the product packed inside the box. This strategy would assure you a quality box along with being lighter in weight. The lightweight is synonymous with the lower costs. The lower the weight of the box is, the lower will be your transportation costs and it would also be relatively easier to carry.

Wisely choose the materials:

The protection capability of packaging and its environmental impact are two main concerns of modern-day customers. They never compromise on these two aspects no matter what. The satisfaction of the customers in these two aspects is possible when you consider choosing the right kind of materials for your packaging. Cardboard, for instance, could prove a favorable choice in this context since it is sturdy along with being friendly to the environment. Not only the cardboard packaging gives you surety against physical damages such as light, wind, temperature, etc. but, it is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. Wondering where you can purchase this packaging? You can find a store in the locality by entering the “packaging companies near me” in the search bar, or shop from online platforms. You can also opt for corrugated cardstock, which is strongly recommended for heavy-duty product shipping and does not pollute the environment.

Strategic use of protective inserts:

No matter how apt the dimensions of your box are, there is always an empty space that is left inside. These empty spaces pose a great threat to the security and integrity of the products packed inside. It is because the products inside are subjected to lateral movements whenever there are empty spaces. You need to fill these spaces so that you could restrict the movements of items inside and, as a result, prevent any sort of damage. To provide your items extra protection as well as organization, you can consider adding some protective inserts. Cardboard inserts, for example, are an excellent choice since they will be holding your items strictly in one place. This firm holding prevents items from colliding inside, and ultimately, they remain safe from damage. These inserts are a cost-effective option, and you can also print them for added value against other insert options.

Top-notch packaging design:

This one, perhaps, is the most important consideration that needs your special concentration while designing the custom product packages. If you want to draw the attention of customers towards your items and evoke a positive response, these boxes need to be well-designed. Colors that you add to your design need to be eye-catchy as well as striking so as to captivate the clients in the first-ever interaction. The product-related graphics must be of high resolution so that they become visually more prominent and visible. Apart from that, do not forget about your branding details since these details will be selling your product after you have attracted clients with catchy colors, graphics, and patterns. The branding elements such as your logo, tagline, slogans need to be present in your design in a bold manner so that the clients can recognize you and become familiar with you.

State-of-the-art print options:

The printing options you opt for serve a great deal in determining the overall aesthetic appeal of your product packaging to the visitors. Therefore, make sure you go for the right options that are compatible with your box’s material as well as enhance the aesthetic value of your box. Digital printing is more favorable for corrugated material and works the same as an inkjet or laser printer does. It is an excellent choice for low-volume projects and turns out to be a cost-effective option with respect to other printing methods. Unlike digital printing, the offset uses ink instead of toner that makes sure high-quality image printing on the box. However, it is suitable for higher volume projects since it proves costly for low-volume printing jobs. For brighter colors and higher quality output, screen printing is the best option since it utilizes thicker inks for printing.

Appropriate finishing is indispensable:

In the end, it is important to give your custom product packages an appropriate finishing look. The use of appropriate lamination such as “no smudge” will help you prevent the effects of stains, scuffs, or scratches. However, if you want to attain the same results with a more improved look, the use of velvet lamination is strongly recommended. In order to give an expensive and premium vibe about the products you are packing, you can opt for gold foiling your box. Likewise, the texture of product packages can be upgraded by the use of raised UV coatings or soft-touch coatings. Keeping in view the specific demands of your products or user base, you should go for the right finishing option.

In a nutshell, rightly and uniquely designed custom product packaging is the way to go for businesses if they want to achieve success. Its dimensions and material utilized in its production are critical from a protection point of view. The appropriate selection of printing options is vital for enhancing the overall look of your packaging. Besides, make sure its design is top-notch, and you finish it properly.

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