5 Types Of Mortgage Loans For Homebuyers

What are Mortgage Loans?

A mortgage loan is a loan that enables you to receive money by offering a fixed asset like any commercial property as security to the lender. The lender is entitled to keep that asset until you pay off the loan amount. These loans are usually taken to purchase or construct a house or a building or for remortgaging a property. Mortgage closing software is an emerging concept in this regard.

Mortgage Closing Software

Mortgage closing software is the one that directs the mortgaging process for those who lend, starting right from providing the application to close and discharging of funds. Mortgage tools simplify loan management as they can help you to gather all the information about the borrowers and assemble everything at a particular place so that it becomes easy to reach the borrowers.


Let us take a look at the types of mortgage loans for homebuyers:


  1. Government-backed loans

Government-insured loans are those loans that are backed by a federal government agency. There are three types of government-backed loans which could be of advantage to borrowers, namely FHA Loans, USDA Loans, and VA Loans.




  • Flexible credit requirements
  • Does not require a large downpayment for VA loans



  • There are certain conditions
  • Lown limits are lower
    • Whom do they suit?

These loans suit the needs of those borrowers having lower credit scores or who cannot make a heavy downpayment.


  1. Conventional Loans


These loans are not insured by any government entity and might have higher interest rates. These loans are of two types: Conforming and Non-Confirming.

Confirming conventional loans that comply with lending rules put forward by FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency).


Non-Confirming loans do not abide by FHFA guidelines.




  • They offer flexibility
  • Cheaper insurance payments



  • Qualifying for these loans is challenging
  • You should have ample collateral
    • Whom do they suit?

These loans suit those borrowers who have a stable income and can make a certain downpayment.


  1. Fixed-rate Mortgage

As the name suggests, Fixed-rate mortgages are one of the types of loans for homebuyers where the interest rate remains fixed for the complete term of the loan.



  • Invariable payments make it feasible for the borrower
  • You will remain protected in case the interest rate rises



  • Deprivation from benefits when the interest rate falls.
  • It might cost more in the first few years.
    • Whom do they suit?

It is ideal for homebuyers who want a stable payment schedule.


  1. Adjustable-rate Mortgage

An adjustable-rate mortgage is a home loan that is variable i.e., adjusts with time or changes periodically in relation to an index. Lenders usually charge lower interest rates initially.



  • Less expensive in case interest rates are stable
  • Flexibility



  • When the interest rate rises, it leads to higher monthly payments.
  • They are very complex.
    • Whom do they suit?

These loans suit the homebuyers who know that they will be shifting from the place and the people whose income is expected to increase.


  1. Jumbo Mortgage

This mortgage is used for very expensive properties. These are considered very risky. You can avail this mortgage with a fixed rate or an adjustable rate.



  • You can borrow an ample amount
  • Chance to get an expensive property



  • Hefty downpayment, you should have cash in abundance
  • Interest rates are high
    • Whom do they suit?

Jumbo loans are suitable for buyers having a regular and predictable source of income.


The above article has briefed about mortgage closing software and how it is helpful. To sum up, the homebuyers need to get well informed about the benefits and the potential risks associated with each.

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