5 Tips to Reduce Cannabis Buzz

5 Tips to Reduce Cannabis Buzz

The ‘high’ that people feel after smoking cannabis varies from one person to another. While one person might feel happy and relaxed, the other might feel a bit nauseous at the beginning. When people eat or drink something having marijuana in it, the effect is felt later. Similarly, the potency of the weed, the amount of consumption, prior experience with weed are also things that influence the high that you feel. 

Thus, there is nothing to worry about if you feel the effects more than your friend who had the same thing. The critical thing to focus on here is the way to get ‘un-high,’ and there is more than one way to ensure that. 

Try To Relax Instead Of Focusing On the High

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In most cases, when a person fixates on how high they are feeling, it might lead to a more intense sense of panic and a feeling of not being in control. If you want to take away the feeling of being high, you will have to do something to occupy your mind.

For instance, you can try:

  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Watching some funny videos or a film online
  • Doing yoga or some breathing exercises
  • Playing your favorite computer games
  • Doing a jigsaw or doodling
  • Doing something creative like painting or playing instruments
  • Remaining productive in an easy way, such as doing a bit of cleaning or organizing a wardrobe

The activity you choose depends on your preference, but make sure not to focus on the high.

Remain Hydrated And Take A Shower 

Drinking enough tea, water, or other soft drinks can help you to remain hydrated. Also, it can minimize the discomfort of getting too much to take. Xerostomia (a dry mouth) from ingesting marijuana can make you feel worse than ever. 

Moreover, remember to make water your go-to drink when feeling high. Avoid drinking alcohol if you’re already feeling high because it worsens the impact of weed and the high.

Running a hot shower can also help you feel refreshed and invigorated at the same time. A cold shower might be even more effective. Feeling fresh enables you to regain control and make them move on to other activities that’ll ease the high so that it can be good to begin. 

Eat Something Healthy After You Get High

Whether cannabis consumption can make you feel hungry or not is still under debate. Still, compounds called terpenoids present in plant food might contain therapeutic properties to serve as an antidote to the high. 

  • Pine nuts:

Pine nuts have limonene, pinene, and terpenes, which are also there in cannabis. The ability of pinene to enhance the numbers of neurotransmitters important for memory formation might aid with the mental fog of feeling high.

  • Lemon:

People have pointed out that lemon is a good antidote to cannabis high for years. Lemons have terpene limonene that gives a lemony smell to the fruits. The effects of this terpene on the neurotransmitters in the brain can help in reducing the high.

  • Peppercorns:

Pepper has the terpene called beta-caryophyllene that might help in reducing a person’s anxiety and improve their clarity of thought. Sniffing a couple of peppercorns may be enough to ease the high. You can try chewing on some peppercorns or steeping a few of them in hot water with lemon rind.

  • Walk It Off And Talk It Through

Getting your body moving, even if only for a short stroll, can help in regulating blood pressure and your mind off the current situation. Also, breathe deeply to replenish the air in your lungs. A change in scenery might also help keep your mind away from that ‘high’ feeling.

A friend can be the much-needed voice of reason when someone isn’t thinking straight. Talking to someone to put things in perspective can be an excellent way to stop the high thoughts. Also, conversations can distract people from that high and calm their nerves down. Furthermore, speaking to someone stops you from attempting something risky, like driving under the influence.

  • Get A Nice And Long Sleep To Recover

One of the tried and tested ways to get over your high is to sleep. It can be a long sleep or a brief nap, sleeping will let time pass, and that will gradually wane off the impact of THC on your senses. But falling asleep might feel a tad bit difficult after you have consumed edibles or smoked weed. 

You need to find a quiet place where you can lay down at ease because any kind of noise would probably be grating on your nerves at this point. Also, try a few breathing exercises to calm down your mind and get rest. Besides, as the buzz dies down gradually, you will find it easier to sleep.

The Endnote

And that’s it! Try these five tips, and you will get over that high faster than you thought possible. Also, there is no reason to swear off marijuana forever only because you felt high. Next time, remember to control the amount you consume, and you’ll be fine.


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