5 reasons why Hatton garden is considered an important business hub in London

Located in the Holborn district of London is the busy commercial street that goes by the name of Hatton Garden. It is one of the most famous shopping destinations of London and is known as the jewellery hub of London. You will find some of the most well-known jewellery companies having their outlets here that sell some of the finest jewellery, especially the ones made of diamond. In fact, Hatton garden is known as diamond district because it is the center of diamond trade in United Kingdom. Initially most of the shops here belonged to the jewellery retailers, but today you will find several others businesses flourishing in this place. There are many reasons why businesses flourish in Hatton Garden, a few of which have been listed below

Hatton Garden enjoys a strategic location

One of the major reasons why Hatton Garden is a good place to do business is because of its connectivity. Hatton Garden in centrally located with easy access to the London underground Lines and the railway stations like Farringdon which are situated at 15 minute walking distance. Being well connected not only makes it easier for the businesses to operate, but also allows the uninhibited influx of people which increases the success rate of the businesses located here.

Hatton Garden has its own Business Improvement District

The businesses in Hatton Garden have voluntarily elected a body to oversee the development of both new and existing businesses. This body which is known as the Business Improvement District is responsible to make continuous developmental changes that benefit the all businesses in the Hatton Garden Street. They are tasked with engaging the clients and employees of the businesses, improving the footfall in the street and enhancing the general image of the area.

Hatton garden boasts of a diverse business community

Although initially Hatton garden was known as a jewellery hub, today it is home a diverse range of businesses like clothing, furniture, food etc. So whether you are looking to buy any classy lab grown diamond engagement rings or indulging yourself in some delicious delicacies, Hatton Garden is the place which can be a one stop shopping destination for all your needs.

Hatton garden offers several entertainment opportunities

Hatton Garden will not just satisfy your shopping needs, but also offer several entertainment opportunities in and around the shopping area. Several hotels, studios, gourmet food stalls and pop up cafes are located not just in Hatton Garden but also around it in places like West End, Leather Lane and High Holborn. 

Hatton Garden environment is great for both workers and visitors

One of the major goals of Hatton Gardens BID is to develop the street and the surrounding areas in such a way so as to make it conducive to both employees and clients who visit. The lively streets, the several food stalls at walking distance and the Record Hall studio &workshop space are the perks you get to enjoy not just as a customer but also as an employee of the businesses located in Hatton garden. Since, Hatton Garden is mainly known for jewellery made of natural or lab grown diamonds UK, there are several training centers that have been developed by the BID to improve the professional skills of the people related to this industry.

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