5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Smartphone Hand Pain

Smartphones are used in almost every household by almost every person. Truly, smartphones have become an important part of our lives. Prolonged and frequent use of smartphones can cause finger cramps and sometimes inflammation. Your pinky finger and thumb are the appendages impacted the most by constant interaction with smartphones or other similar devices like tablets.

Smartphone hand pain is mostly caused by repetitive finger movements that tire your tendons or create constant pressure on your pinky joint. The severity of the pain depends greatly on the way you hold your phone.

Below are some tips that can be used to alleviate the pain or to avoid it completely.

1.  Cold Compress Application

The muscles around your arms enable better movement of your hands. Applying hot compresses can help relax your arm muscles and tendons. People with acute smartphone hand pain should apply ice as hot compresses may cause inflammation and make the pain worse.

2.  Stretch Your Fingers

You need to have some time when you are not using your phone so that your fingers can rest. During this downtime, spend some time flexing your wrists, hand muscles, and hand tendons forward and backward to keep them flexible.

3.  Frequent Massages

If you frequently massage your fingers every day, there’s a decent chance that you will not get smartphone hand pain as massaging greatly calms hand muscles.

4.  Shift to a Stylus Pen

This is something most people won’t like to do. However, as the thumb is the most used projection of your hand, it needs some rest. Using a stylus pencil every once in a while can keep your wrist straight and therefore help you avoid smartphone hand pain.

5.  Go Hands-free

Using phone accessories that hold up the phone helps avoid smartphone pain by enabling you to use your phone without holding it. This greatly reduces the pressure on your pinky finger and thumb.

If you experience hand pain and it worsens or if you need to seek medical attention, you should see a good hand surgeon. A reliable hand surgeon is highly important to ensure that your condition will be treated efficiently so that you will recover your hands’ function. Dr. Kolovich is an award-winning hand surgeon.

He has extensive experience in treating different hand conditions, specializing in Hand & Wrist Surgery and Elbow Surgery. Dr. Kolovich is a practicing orthopedic surgeon at Optim Orthopedics currently serves as the President of the Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand. Visit Healthgrades to learn more about Dr. Kolovich.

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