4 Ways to Use Promos on Shopify

4 Ways to Use Promos on Shopify

First of all, let’s establish what Shopify is and why it is so popular. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify is headquartered in Ottawa. Shopify is also the name ofits online retailers’ platform and retail point-of-sale system. Shopify offers online retailers a variety of services including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools. The company reported in January 2021 that there were approximately 1 million businesses over 175 countries that are using the platform. 2020 brought in almost $3 billion in total revenue. Use Promos on Shopify

If you read any reviews about Shopify, it is evident that it is a leader in this particular market and is continuing to grow. It offers stability, reliability and a huge customer pool that gives your business the best chance to succeed.

In this Shopify Reviews UK article, we will look at 4 of the best ways to use Shopify and help you to make an informed decision as to whether this eCommerce platform is something that is suitable for your business and most importantly, of how it could be of benefit.

It is important to note that Shopify has 2 main types of subscription – Shopify Lite and Shopify Plus which you can find more about on Shopify reviews UK websites.

1. Themes and Templates

Creating your personal page for your business has never been easier. As of now, Shopify Lite offers 9 free templates and 64 additional ones are available through Shopify Plus. First impressions are lasting impressions. With that in mind, if your business can attract customers over others, then it will give you a huge advantage within the market. More views lead to the potential of more sales. Use Promos on Shopify


2. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for today’s business. Having your product rank high on a search engine find will give you a strong advantage over other businesses. Shopify offer a built-in optimisation tool that willincrease your chances of placing on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is another example of Shopify giving your business the opportunity to stand out ahead of others.


3. 3rd Part Integrations

The platform is a leader in terms of apps integrations. According to many reviews, it betters its competitors by a long way. Shopify is a fully integrated online store that will make your basic store a highly functional one. Shopify connects with around 4000 apps (far more than their closest competitors), so you can enable pivotal tools such as fraud detection, shipping, payment process, social media, email marketing and many more. This will give your online store the ability to promote safety and trust; highly significant to any consumer.


4. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Depending on your plan, Shopify offer a variety of tools that give your store every opportunity to promote itself. An incredibly strong tool available on the platform is the Abandoned Cart Recovery tool. This tool allows you to connect to customers who have left their shopping carts and didn’t check out. Studies have shown that this critical tool can allow your business to recapture up to 15% of potentially lost business. Use Promos on Shopify


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