4 Steps to Restoring Your Home After a Fire

A fire in your home can be a seriously devastating event. While you might be relieved that everybody is okay, the job that you are faced with of putting everything back together and rebuilding your home can be huge. From fire-damaged walls and structural damage to water damage to your carpets and wallpapers, fire damage often means that you will have to start from scratch and figuring out where to start is not always easy.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first step to rebuilding your home after a fire is to contact your insurance company. It’s important to make sure that you start the claims process as soon as possible, allowing you to get access to the funds that you need to start rebuilding your home. Speak with your insurance company about the option of bringing in a professional company that repairs fire and smoke damage, to help with the process and ensure that further problems are kept to a minimum. They will be able to advise on the next best actions to take and help you reduce the cost of rebuilding.

Ensure the Home is Safe

Before you can start renovating your fire-damaged house and turning it into a home once again, it’s crucial to ensure that it is safe. Fire can cause a lot of structural damage to a home, so assessing this, and repairing any damage that might pose a hazard to safety is one of the most crucial steps in the process. Ideally, the house should be inspected by a structural engineer who can identify damage to crucial areas such as the interior load bearing walls, floor joists, and the foundation. You should also have a licensed electrician inspect your home and make any necessary repairs to the electrical system.

Address Fire Damage Problems

Once you have the go-ahead that your house is safe to start working on, specialist clean-up work is going to be the first place to start, addressing any fire damage-specific problems. Some of the main types of damage that are often caused by fire include contaminated air ducts, mold growth, soot residue and smoke stains.

Go from Room to Room

Restoring a home after a fire can be a time-consuming project, so the best way to approach it is one room at a time. This will help to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the process. Document everything and keep receipts in order to ensure that you can prove the cost of recovery for your insurance company. It is a good idea to start with a room that you are going to be using a lot, such as the kitchen or a living room, and work from there moving on to other important rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

A fire can happen in any home, and often leads to a lot of destruction and extensive repair work. While it can be difficult to figure out where to start when your home has been damaged by fire, methodically working through these steps will help you kick-start the restoration project in the right direction.

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